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Have you ever wished there were even more berries to find and collect when out exploring the world? Then this mod is for you! Ribes Adventures adds over 100 species of wild Gooseberry and Currant plants, each designed after real-world species (and even a few species that are less than real!)



Each species has different spawning parameters (biome, elevation, rarity) which are modeled after the real-life conditions in which it grows. Each species is also fully interactive, with separate block stages for flowers and fruit, the latter of which can be picked and eaten fresh, turned into seeds, or baked into pies!



Ribes Adventures packs familiar biomes with dozens of species of berry to discover and collect, and with an abundance of rare to uncommon species with diverse spawning conditions, it is easy to find something new each and every time you go out exploring. The striking diversity in the size and color of these shrubs also adds visual interest to the landscape, whether naturally generated or landscaped. And of course, it really just allows us all to live out our dream of engorging ourselves on delicious wild berries in the forest. So what are you waiting for?!?!? Download and get to exploring for those tasty berries today! (...just don't ask about that one in the bottom right corner.....)


Modification files
Ribes Adventures 1.1.1_0.jarUploaded on: 01/04/2024 - 18:48   File size: 4.83 MB
  • 1.1.1:
    • Fixed a significant issue where the intended saturation of the berry and pie items was being multiplied by the food value of said item, resulting in berries with 2-3 times the intended saturation value and pies with 8 times the intended saturation value (resulting in that almost every pie item fully filled the saturation bar with a single use).
    • Removed the advancements added in 1.1.0 due to them feeling like cut content.
    • Slightly edited the texture for the R. americanum berry item to more realistically reflect the length of its dry floral remnant.
    • Removed Stony Peaks from the list of biomes that R. hendersonii and R. lasianthum could spawn, resulting in them only spawning in Jagged Peaks, in order to make these two feel more exclusive to the latter biome
    • Slightly increased the spawn rates of R. marshallii and R. roezlii.
    • Slightly increased the spawn rate and slightly decreased the mininum required spawn elevation for R. lobbii.
    • Slightly decreased the minimum required spawn elevation for R. menziesii.
    • Added a logo to the mod when viewed in Minecraft.
  • 1.1.0:
    • Added a few basic advancements, mostly involving the easter egg species. Further advancements may be added in later updates.
    • Fixed R. chorum berries and pie spawning particles and playing a teleportation sound even when teleportation fails.
    • Slightly changed the texture of the flowering R. oxyacanthoides shrub.
    • Slightly changed the texture of the R. sanguineum berries item.
    • Decreased the necessary elevation for R. roezlii to spawn as to be more realistic with its coastal phenotypes and fix common dead spots in old growth coniferous biomes. Also slightly decreased its spawn rate to compensate.
    • Significantly decreased the spawn rate of the rare R. sericeum.
    • Decreased the spawn rates of R. indecorum, R. malvaceum, and R. tortuosum on the beach to make the latter species more rare and to lower overall visual clutter on these normally open biomes.
  • 1.0.3:
    • Made it so R. chorum berries and pie cannot teleport the player above the nether roof, so as to have parity with vanilla Chorus Fruit and prevent players from becoming stuck.
    • Tweaked and buffed the spawning conditions for R. thacherianum so that it is actually feasible to find naturally generated shrubs of the species in survival.
    • Significantly reduced the spawn rates of R. davidii and R. laurifolium in the forest biome.
    • Significantly reduced the spawn rates of the rare R. echinellum and R. frankei to be more realistic.
    • Reduced the spawn rates of R. tortuosum and R. speciosum in the savannah biome.
    • Slightly decreased the spawn rate of R. ciliatum but made it possible for it to spawn in the wooded badlands biome as well.
    • Increased the necessary elevation for R. biebersteinii to spawn.
    • Removed windswept hills and windswept gravelly hills from the possible list of biomes that R. heterotrichum, R. montigenum, R. saxatile, R. uva-crispa, and R. villosum could spawn, but added stony peaks and jagged peaks to the possible biomes for these species as well. This change was made in order to more realistically align the growth form of these species to their habitat, as well as to better spread out the already crowded distribution of species in these montane biomes.
  • 1.0.2:
    • Further updated the internal website link to go to the mod's Curseforge page
  • 1.0.1:
    • Updated some internal mod descriptions and website links
  • 1.0.0:
    • First official release