MoreVegetation (Alpha)

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This is the mod MoreVegetation and in this mod there is:
Wild Plants

Wild wheat, Wild Carrots, Wild Beetroot, Wild Potatoes, Berry Bushes.

New grass types

Bushy Grass, Thin Grass.

New cosmetic plants

Leafy Bush, Small Rose Bush, Twigs, Stones.

New items

Plant Encyclopedia.

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Modification files
MoreVegetation(V.1).jar - MoreVegetation(V.1)192.7 KB

Version 1.
- added new grass types

-added the apple tree(super buggy!)

-added rocks and twigs

-added encyclopedia(not working atm)

-changed encyclopedia model(still doesn't work)

Version 1.1 (work in progress)

might add:

- Better models

- More Plants/Crops

- More items

Submitted by Rukusu on Tue, 11/19/2019 - 01:07

The textures look really nice! Do you mind telling me how you made an encyclopedia, I’ve been looking to add a written book in my mod but don’t know how.