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-don't be surprised if you see a question in the chat and reply with /answer "your answer"


-To use the vending machine, you have to make a key and make a name that you will know and right-click with that key. When you change the password, you should touch the unlock button from the interface and right-click with your new key.This works For all locked blocks

-You can withdraw money from your account with /withdraw money wanted amount.


-Money(1/5/10/20/50/100/200)(Not craftable you need work in any job)

-Jewelry_Gold(uncraftable you can make a profit by buying and selling) 


-Potions(you can earn extra money and get career advancement if you drink this while working) 

-XpBook(this item is give some money and experience)

-GearPattern(you can make gears easly !requires electronized diamond) 

-Electronized Diamond(USED in crafts, not one-time use)

-PowerBattery(lvl1/2/3/Diamond)(Powers the machines)

-jobcoin: you can do the quests in the knowledge book or finish your career progression and earn. You can also get lucky tickets from your special vending machine with this.

-luckytickets:there are 3 different tickets here, random things will come out according to the points you spend.




-Vending Machines(Basic/Upgraded(Holds More Item))(Craftable)

-MoneyToRedstoneBlock(This block gives a signal for the time you set when the money you set is given.)(Craftable) 

-Recycler Block(Basic/Upgraded(Work Faster))(Craftable) 

-Lucky Chest(Basic/Middle)(Uncraftable(drops in monsters) 

-Safe Case(Basic/Upgraded(Have More Slot)(Craftable)

-Recharger:this block works when it sees the sun and sees the sky, it starts to accumulate energy inside and with it the batteries can be charged.


You can visit the youtube channel for the making process of the mod and more.


to youtube




For Modrinth


to discord


to mcreator




Modification files
EtrEconomy(1.8.4R).jar - -Ender Wallet Server Bugs Fixed -ui Changes Added -Code optimization -Texture ChangesUploaded on: 11/15/2023 - 17:47   File size: 7.8 MB
EtrEconomy1.8.3(MoreMoreMore_release).jar - -some bugs fixed -New Profiles Added -İndustrial furnace added -some new tools added -Fast Money Sending System Added (fs)Uploaded on: 09/05/2023 - 10:35   File size: 7.59 MB
EtrEconomy(V1.8.2-Release)_0.jar - -New Gold Seller Block added -New Diamond battery added -BadThingsHappend Function addedUploaded on: 09/04/2023 - 16:12   File size: 6.73 MB
EtrEconomy(V1.8.1.Release).jar - -All detected bugs have been fixed -jobcoin added -jobcoinshopblock added -new task system addedUploaded on: 06/26/2023 - 17:09   File size: 6.25 MB

-Ender Wallet Server Bugs Fixed

-ui Changes Added

-Code optimization

-Texture Changes