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Welcome to Modular Expansion, a collection of little mods to improve the game!

These additions were planned to be included in RaolCraft Omega, however, since they are little indipendent additions I decided to make a separate download for them.

This collection is called "modular" because there are different mods and you can choose what to use.

It is called "expansion" because every mod is an expansion to a Minecraft aspect.

I actually made these mods because my main mod, RaolCraft Omega, is incompatible with most mods due to its big content, so I decided to make a few little mods that should be compatible with everything (including RaolCraft).

Most of these mods should make RaolCraft easier: for example, the End Expansion makes the trip to the End easier, but not everyone wants an easier game, so I decided to make it optional.

I won't update frequently these mods because they are meant to be little. Instead, I will make more of them (and update RaolCraft Omega).

Also, the mods are very little because most of the ideas I have need compatibility with RaolCraft stuff (If for example, I made a food mod that added every food of RaolCraft and flour, and I also made a machines mod, how would you craft flour if it requires the Pulverizer from another mod? That's why RaolCraft Omega is so big, for crafting compatibility).

You can call the mods "modules".

At the moment there are 7 modules: End, Nether, Easy Ores, Quiver, Caves, Jungle and Combat (but more are coming soon).

The modules all found in the same zip file. To install them, download the zip file, extract it and choose which modules you want.


What do the modules add:

End Expansion:

for Minecraft 1.12.2, 1.14.4 and 1.15.2


This mod adds a few new ways to gain Enderpearls as well as new things to craft after that you have been to the End.

To see what it adds in the 1.14.4+ version instead, go to this module's exclusive curseforge page here.

+The Enderturtle

A mob with custom 3d model that spawns in most biomes, including the nether (but not including the End). It is neutral, it has a lot of life, it does high damage and it is very slow, but it becomes faster when attacked. It also has a few armor points. It is very rare and drops a lot of Ender Pearls. Since it's neutral and very powerful, I recommend fighting it only when you have some good weapons.

+The Enderzombie

Another mob like the Enderturtle, however this is more common and less powerful and can be spot very easily in the Nether. Drops Rotten Flesh, Ender Fragments and (sometimes) Ender Pearls.

+Ender Glass

A decorative transparent block. When broken it drops itself instead of nothing. It can be crafted by surrounding a Popped Chorus Fruit with Glass.

+Ender Lantern

A decorative block. Emits a lot of light (15).

+Ender Fragment

Put 4 of these in a crafting table and you will get an Ender Pearl.

+Chorus Stew

When eaten, it provides 10 food points (5 drumsticks). It causes 3 seconds of nausea and 6 of haste. It can be crafted by combining a bowl and 3 Chorus Fruits in a crafting table.

Easy Ores:

For Minecraft 1.12.2, 1.14.4 and 1.15.2


This is an extremely little mod adding 4 ores. It was intended to be used for modpacks centered on mining, but the ores are quite rare so they aren't too unbalanced.

This module's exclusive page on curseforge:

+Fossil Ore

This one is quite "common". Requires a Stone Pickaxe or better to mine it. Drops a bone.

+Slimy Ore

Spawns in large chunks very deep underground. Usually found under the lava. Requires an Iron Pickaxe or better to mine it. Drops a slimeball.

+Enderpearl Ore

Extremely rare. Requires a Diamond Pickaxe (or better, if you have a mod that adds powerful pickaxes) to mine it. Drops an Enderpearl.

+Prismarine Ore

Can be rarely found in large deposits under oceans. Requires an Iron Pickaxe or better to mine it. Drops a Prismarine Shard.

+Nautilus Fossil (1.14.4+ only)

Can rarely be found under oceans. Drops a Nautilus Shell.

Nether Expansion:

For Minecraft 1.12.2 (for 1.14.4 and above check Pyromancy instead which improves the Nether in a better way)


This module adds some features to make the Nether more fun and rewarding.


+Ghostly Pig

Spawns in the Nether. It's neutral. It's resistant to fire. Drops Raw Spectral Porkchops when killed. It's the only animal food source in the Nether (except chickens of chicken jockeys, but they are quite rare).

+Nether Cow

Spawns in the nether. It's resistant to fire. Can be miked. Makes Nether Wart Soup too if right-clicked with a bowl in hand. Drops Nether Wart when killed.

+Dragon Chicken

Spawns in the Nether. It is resistant to fire. It doesn't lay eggs, it only rarely lays fire charges. Can be breed using Nether Wart. It follows you if you hold Nether Wart. It drops feathers when killed.

+Chiseled Nether Bricks, Nether Pillar

Decorative blocks. Crafted like Chiseled Quartz and Quartz Pillar.

+Nether Wart Soup

Only heals 2 food points (1 drumstick). Can be crafted with a bowl and 2 Nether Warts.

+Ghostly Porkchop

Heals 4 food points. Makes you glow.

+Cooked Ghostly Porkchop

Heals 8 food points. Makes you glow.


For Minecraft 1.12.2 (for 1.14.4 and above check the Combat module instead which also adds new weapons such as daggers)


This is another extremely little mod that only adds an item that stores arrows, the Quiver. It works in a similar way to Raolcraft Omega's Tin Cans.

I don't know why have I made this module.

+Pile of Arrows

Combine 9 arrows in a crafting table and you get this. It can be turned back to arrows by simply putting it in a crafting grid. It is a bad arrow storage because it can stack only up to 7.


The main item of the mod. Craft it using leather in a cauldron-like shape. To fill it, surround it with 7 piles of arrows and an arrow. Right-click it while it's filled to get the arrows back (gives 64 arrows). Stacks up to 16. (You will obviously also get the empty quiver back.)

Caves Expansion:

For Minecraft 1.12.2


Are you waiting for the Cave update? Well, this mod won't be the cave update but will make mining a bit less boring. I will try to not add just some "new ores" (there are already many mods for that, including RaolCraft Omega) but some features that make caves more exciting without being useless or overshadowing vanilla minecraft.

+New Structures

Including new dungeons, abandoned miner houses, ancient cave temples, ruins and more!

+Glowing Crystal Block

Spawns in un uncommon large patches. Requires a Iron Pickaxe or better to be mined. Drops 4 Glowing Crystals.

+Glowing Crystal

+Glowing Crystal Bricks

+Glowing Crystal Lantern

A little decorative lantern that is similar to Village and Pillage's lantern.

+Glowing Crystal Lamp

A decorative lamp that can be lit or unlit using Redstone.

+Fertilizing crystal

A crystal that generates in caves under jungles. It is sustained by a plant that grows in the ceiling of caves. It makes plants grow around it by placing tall grass and crops and turning dirt into grass, deadbushes into ferns, etc. If you try to mine it, it will give you 5 Glowing Crystals rather than itself, even with Silk Touch.

+Mushroom of Wisdom

A rare glowing mushrooms found in caves. Can be crafted with 4 bottles to get 4 Bottles 'O Enchanting.

+Ancient Sword

Can be found in some dungeons.

+Lucent Pickaxe

Can be found in some dungeons. Has little durability, but if it is enough damaged and you have a Glowing Crystal in your inventory, it will use that Glowing Crystal to repair itself.

+Lost Miner

A miner villager that got lost in a cave. Bring it to the surface and he will turn into a normal villager and reward you with some ores!

+Depths Spider

An hostile spider that spawns in some dungeons. Its poison makes you slow and tired.

+Cave Mummy

An hostile monster that spawns in dungeons in deserts.

+Miner Skeleton

A skeleton that only spawns in caves, just for variety.

+Zombie in a Cobweb

A zombie that can sometimes spawn in dungeons. It is quite slow but can also slow down its targets.

Jungle Expansion:

For Minecraft 1.12.2


This mod improves the jungle by adding new things to do there.

I know the jungle is actually already filled with features, but I wanted to release the Jungle module as the first biome-based module XD.

+New Structures

Including temples and wells

+Carved Stone Bricks

Special decorative bricks which can only be found in a huge stone temple in the jungle. Just to show you've been there.

+Temple Bricks, Chiseled Temple Bricks

You can find them in some red temples or wells in the jungle... or you can craft them.

+Carved Melon, Melon Lantern

Shear a Melon to carve it and to get 4 Melon Seeds. You can also craft it with a torch to get a Melon Lantern.


A block that generates in jungles and swamps (even if this module is a jungle module). It acts similarly to cobweb, except it is affected by gravity and is more powerful.

+Jungle Golem

Can be built with 2 Quicksand and a Carved Melon or a Melon Lantern (similarly to a Snow Golem). Attacks zombies and skeletons and their vanilla variants (also attacks revenants). Has very little life, does very little damage and also is a bit silly. Can still be very useful if protected in walls and uses as house/village defender (unlike snowgolems, it doesn't melt and actually deals damage).


An undead which can commonly be found in jungles. Wields a Jungle Saber. Can drops its weapon (rarely), rotten flesh, bones or leather (rarely)

+Jungle Saber

A new weapon whose little damage is compensated by its high attack speed. Can also be used to cut leaves and plants. Can only be found by killing Revenants.


For Minecraft 1.14.4 and 1.15.2 (for 1.12.2 check the Quiver module instead... but I don't recommend it)

combat module

While remaking the Quiver module for 1.14.4 I realized how useless this mod would be and decided the quiver would only be a minor feature of a combat-focused mod adding vanilla-like weapons.

This mod's exclusive page on curseforge:


Come in all vanilla tool materials. They are like faster and cheaper swords that deal less damage and also have littler durability. They also come with exclusive enchantments (read below). Iron Daggers and Gold Daggers can be smelt to get Iron Nuggets and Gold Nuggets, while Wooden Daggers can be used as a fuel for furnaces.

+Lifesteal enchantment

A very rare enchantment for daggers which lets you regenerate health when attacking enemies (by adding a regeneration effect for a very little time). Higher levels restore more health, max level is 3. Can be very powerful when used correctly.

+Venom enchantment

A common enchantment for daggers which inflicts poison to the targets. Higher levels apply higher levels of poison, max level is 3. Can be considered like a Fire Aspect alternative for daggers which deals more damage at a slower pace (without killing) and works on Nether mobs and underwater (but not on undeads and spiders).

+Backstab enchantment

A common enchantment for daggers which inflicts bonus damage on enemies when hit on their back (more precisely, if they are facing away from you). Higher levels deal more damage, max level is 4. Requires a lot of practice to master but true rogues know sneaky tactics are the key for victory.

+Morning Star

A very slow weapon which deals massive damage. Can be crafted using two sticks and an iron block and can be smelt to get an iron nugget. Comes with 2 unique enchantments (read below).

+Weakening Enchantment

An enchantment for Morning Stars which inflicts weakness on the enemy. Higher levels inflict higher levels of weakness, max level is 2. Fits well with the slow bulky style of Morning Stars and is especially useful against big mobs who can easily do a lot of damage (like Vindicators).

+Impairment Enchantment

An enchantment for Morning Stars which damages the armor of the enemies. If the enemy is wearing no armor, it will get slown down for a second instead. Higher levels deal more damage to armor/inflict higher levels of slowness, max level is 3. Can be very annoying in PvP.


Stores arrows in its 3*3 portable inventory like only a quiver does.


Modification files
Modular Expansion All Modules 1.15.2 - All Modules Download for 1.15.2 (extract this zip)Uploaded on: 09/02/2020 - 17:04   File size: 191.64 KB
Modular Expansion All Modules 1.14.4 - All Modules Download for 1.14.4 (extract this zip)Uploaded on: 09/02/2020 - 17:00   File size: 191.15 KB
Modular Expansion All Modules - All Modules Download for 1.12.2 (extract this zip)Uploaded on: 02/02/2020 - 22:13   File size: 444.29 KB


~Updated End module to 1.2.1:

Ported the mod to 1.15.2

Added stonehenge-like structures with random loot found in the End midlands/highlands

~Updated Easy Ores module to 1.2.1:

Made Ender Pearl Ore a lot less rare (it was almost impossible to be found earlier)

~Updated Easy Ores module (again) to 1.2.2:

Ported the mod to 1.15.2

~Updated Combat module to 1.1.0:

Added Morning Stars, slow weapons which come with 2 exclusive enchantments: Weakening and Impairment

~Updated Combat module (again) to 1.1.1:

Ported the mod to 1.15.2


~Remade the Quiver module as a new Combat module for 1.14.4 which now also adds new weapons and enchantments


~Completely remade the End module (I lost the workspace) with the 1.2.0 update:

Ported the mod to 1.14.4 and changed the textures accordingly

Added the Outcast Magician, an Illager found in a structure in outer End islands: can teleport, is immune to the void and drops a Void Totem

Added Void Totem, which can save you from the Void by applying levitation

The Enderzombie is now called the Wretched and looks completely different

Wretcheds and Enderturtles can now spawn in some of the biomes of the outer End islands

~Updated Easy Ores module to 1.2.0:

Ported the mod to 1.14.4 and changed the textures accordingly

Added Nautilus Ore, found under oceans

Made Prismarine Ore a little bit easier to be found


Such a palindrome date couldn't have no update :P

~Updated Easy Ores module to

Removed strict forge version check (again...)

~Updated Caves module to 1.3.0:

Added Ore Dictionary support

Added Mushroom of Wisdom which can be used to create Bottles 'o Enchanting

Added Zombie in a Cobweb which slows down its target

Done a few tweaks


~Updated Easy Ores module to 1.1.0:

Added Prismarine Ore, which can be found in rare but large deposits under oceans

~Updated Jungle module to 1.1.0:

Added Revenants, undeads which can be found in jungles and use Jungle Sabers

Added Jungle Saber, a fast weapon which can also cut leaves and plants


~Updated Caves module to 1.2.1:

Lost Miners and Skeleton Miners spawned in every biome

Now Lost Miners are rarer




~Updated Caves module to 1.2.0:

Added Fertilizing Crystal

Added Miner Skeleton

Added Lost Miner

Added many new dungeons


~Updated Caves module to 1.1.0:

Added Glowing Crystal Lantern, a block that works similarly to Redstone Lantern

Fixed structures spawning on air in superflat worlds

Fixed Glowing Crystal Lantern's hitbox

Removed strict forge version check

Fixed a few other bugs


~Updated Easy Ores module to

Removed strict forge version check


+Added Jungle module


~Updated Easy Ores module to 1.0.2:

Fixed a bug (Enderpearl ore was not generating)


~Updated Caves module to 1.0.1:

Now the Glowing Crystal Block drops 4 Glowing Crystals rather than 2

Now the Dephts Spider is an Arthropod


+Added Caves module


~Updated Quiver module to 1.0.1:

Fixed a bug that caused the filled Quiver to give no empty Quiver back when used


+Added Quiver module


~Updated Easy Ores module to 1.1:

Fixed a bug (blocks in inventory had missing textures)


+Added Nether module

~Updated End module to 1.1:

 Added Ender Lantern

 Now Enderturtle has armor points

 Added sounds to the Enderturtle

 Changed Enderturtle Texture


+Added Easy Ores module


+Added End module

What do you find hard/boring in RaolCraft?
At the moment the only boring thing I found was going to the End, because the End isn't endgame with RaolCraft but you still need to kill all these rare Endermen to craft Ender Eyes.
So I think that now I am going to update RaolCraft Omega.
If, after an update, I think there is a vanilla resource that isn't enough, I will add a mod to make it easier to find, just like I did with Enderpearls.

The nether mod was done, but I had a few issues with Mcreator and I needed to export/import the mod and I lost a lot of time. I will release it tomorrow (And maybe I will also add a new monster