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Published by Nwago on Fri, 11/04/2022 - 11:51
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[Short Gameplay Video]

Asylum Engine is a mod that brings the Outlast I experience to Minecraft!

Successor to the AsylumZ mod, Asylum Engine lets you create high quality Outlast levels.

Added Gameplay Mechanics:
-Climbing Over Tall Obstacles
-Squeezing Between Obstacles
-Chase Scenes
-Infrared Camcorder

Other Features:
-Accurate Sound Design to simulate Outlast
-Custom Blocks
-Custom Furniture

The Download Includes:
-The Mod
-Early Access Demo Level
-Full Outlast Freeroam Map [​WIP]
-The Asylum 2022 Remake [​NEW]
-Shader Settings

For The Best Experience:
-Use Complementary Shaders v4.4 with the Provided Settings
[​Or another shader that allows for dynamic lighting and complete darkness]
-Makes sure "Mod Resources" is on top in the Resource Pack Settings
-Music volume should be 0%
-Ambient volume should be around 30%
-FOV set to Normal or 60
-View Bobbing On
-[​Connected textures OFF if you notice any weird textures!]

Tips on creating your own levels:
-Don't wear Miles' Clothes as they force you into Adventure Mode
-Equip the Developer View in your Off-Hand to see and interact with the Function Blocks
-You can right-click on a function block to delete it
-Look around the Demo World to see how the Function Blocks are being used

Function Blocks:
Key to creating and playing levels, these entities let you bring the gameplay of Outlast to your world.

Useful Information:
Save Functions, Enemy Trigger Functions and Enemy Spawn Functions should be kept close for things to work properly.
Always place Enemy Triggers before the Enemy Spawn Function, if the Enemy Spawn function is out of range it will spawn the enemy regardless.
All Functions can be reset by dying.

Thanks for reading and have fun!

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just looking at the screenshots, this looks like a new game. Great job!

Yeah I agree with the other comment, this looks nothing like Minecraft.
I plan to download this later and play around with it, looks very very nice! Great job :D

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Facebook page (

Hey, this a great mod but I would like it better if i knew how to use the added gameplay mechanics. Pls tell me how to use them

Thank you!
In the creative menu, there are these Function Blocks spawn eggs that you need to use, while holding a viewer in your offhand, if you want to make your own map. It's all pretty complicated, if you still need help feel free to ask me on discord (Check my MCreator profile).

I've been thinking about making an Outlast mod. Well, now that's no longer necessary.