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Posted by: Sir_cookie98
File description: Cogwheel Dungeons V1.2.2a [LEGACY VERSION]
File size: 669.47 KB
Total download count (all mod files): 556
Mod changelog:

V1.0.0 released! 14 dungeons, 4 mobs, 1 boss, 9 blocks, 2 pieces of armour, 5 Augments, 1 potion/food, 2 weapons, 1 cache, and 9 other items.

-It took a lot to get this mod out here, and rest assured it will be updated constantly.

Patch V1.0.1a released! Barrel Bot is now completely hostile. The watermark has been removed, Giant Keg is now rarer, and Experimental Shield has been nerfed.

Patch V1.0.1b released! This would be V1.0.2, but it is just a small fix to an issue from V1.0.1a. Experimental Shield fixed. I just can't seem to get it right.

V1.1.0 1 mob, 5 augments, 8 biome dungeons, experimental shield change.

V1.1.1 Buccaneer Bot HP fixed and speed doubled. Experimental Shield description now matches current version. Palm tree now generates in Desert Hills.

V1.1.2 Removed Nutrition Augment, and all related features.

V1.2.0 1 boss, 2 dungeons, 1 mob, 5 blocks, 2 fluids, 3 Augments, 1 cache and 2 other items.

V1.2.1 Removed Cursed Protection Augment, added some Advancements. Made Oak Smithy and Ghostly Galleon rarer.

V1.2.1a Changed the descriptions of some advancements, disabled strict forge version check. (Yes, I know this hasn't been updated in ages, and now it has been it's just been this. I have managed to get the mod working in later versions of Mcreator, so I can now finally continue working on it).

V1.2.2 Removed advancements due to a severe crash on some forge versions.

V1.2.2a Fixed certain biome-specific dungeons spawning in plains. Mushroom House and Jungle Hut can now spawn in villages of up to 5 houses, and Wandering enemies can now spawn in groups of up to 5.

V1.2.2b Fixed Crates and stopped Ghostly Galleon, Ghost Ship and Jungle Fishing Boat from spawning on the ocean floor


Create a new Augment to replace Cursed Protection

Nether-based Dungeons

New crate types

Dungeons based on different materials to wood

Help... I'm running out of ideas! Please go here to post your ideas and help me out!

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