Cogwheel Dungeons

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I want to hear your feedback on this mod!

Find a forum about it here! Any ideas for future updates would be helpful :)


Cogwheel Dungeons

This mod adds many new dungeons, based on technological themes.


 Non-Dungeon Features


Note: These mobs do not occur naturally, only in Dungeons. However, they can spawn rarely as part of the world generation, but will not spawn again.

Cannon Cart

Note: This mob was inspired by the troop of the same name in Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.

This is a moving mob that attacks the player at range. It is a dangerous enemy, dealing high damage.

It spawns a cannon on death.

Drops sticks or cannonballs.


This mob cannot move, and does a relatively large amount of ranged damage.

Drops cannonballs or sticks.

Barrel Bot

A mob that has high health and medium damage. It uses melee attacks.

Drops wood or redstone.

Powder Kegbot

A hostile mob that is very dangerous. It does medium damage, runs very quickly and explodes on death. Sometimes they may explode shortly after spawning.

Drops gunpowder or TNT.

Buccaneer Bot

A very powerful, but slow mob that wields a cutlass. It does extremely high damage, and has high HP. Stay away from it.

Drops Wood Planks or Iron Sword.

Ghost Pirate Illager

Note: The Ghost Pirate Illager was suggested by RaolTheBest. It is also the only mob in the mod that can spawn naturally.

A relatively powerful mob that looks like a ghostly villager. It can spawn naturally.


Experimental Cannon

A ranged mob that cannot move, and does very high damage. It has a large amount of HP.

Spawns in the EMTF.

Drops Cache: Experimental Cannon

Davy Jones' Chest

Note: I did a mob tournament using the Epic Siege mod, including some other mods such as Thaumcraft, MoCreatures and Raolcraft. This boss came out top, closely beating the Giant Taintacle boss from Thaumcraft. That just goes to show how powerful it is.

A melee mob that deals very high damage. When attacked, it leaves behind Nightmare Slime, which deals damage, and spawns Nightmare Slimelings, which will attack you. It has a high amount of HP.

Spawns in the Ghostly Galleon.

Drops Cache: Davy Jones' Chest



A block that, on being destroyed, determines a rarity of its loot. This will be apparent through the colour of the crack that appears in it after breaking it, and through a message sent to chat. White is Common, Blue is Rare, and Purple is Epic. It is only found in dungeons.

I'll leave it to you to find out what items randomly generated loot can be.

Circuit Board

A block that is an essential crafting material in Augments and the Thinking Helmet. It also acts as a redstone insulator: Redstone cannot flow through it. It is craftable.

Spawn Blocks

These blocks are used in Dungeons to spawn mobs.

Old Chest

Found in the Ghostly Galleon. Not saying what's inside it. It's a surprise :)

Nester Blocks

These blocks are currently only used in the Ghostly Galleon. They are a way to bypass the structure size limit, and will spawn separate parts of the Ghostly Galleon when placed.


Nightmare Slime

A fluid spawned by Davy Jones' Chest when it takes damage. It gives Wither, Nausea and Slowness when touched.


Note: The only weapons currently in the mod are ranged.

Hand Cannon

A high-damage ranged weapon that sets enemies on fire. It uses cannonballs for ammo. It can be found in crates.


A medium-damage gun that has good range. It uses musket balls for ammo. It can be found in crates.


Note: There are no armour sets, only helmets.

Thinking Helmet

A craftable helmet that grants buffs whilst worn. It also has high defence.

Neo Augmentation Helmet

A helmet that has very low defence, but can be combined with Augments to give bonuses. It can be crafted.


Note: Augments are items that can be combined with a Neo Augmentation Helmet on a crafting table to give bonuses when the helmet is worn. They can all be crafted. TO remove one from the helmet, simply put the helmet with the Augment in a crafting table. The Augment will be removed, but you won't get it back.

Experimental Shield

A powerful Augment that stops you from taking damage below a power of 5 when you have an armour level below 5.


An Augment that gives you fire resistance and sets you on fire (because it's awesome).


An Augment that makes you completely immune to all status effects.


An Augment that grants a large amount of non-combat bonuses.

Atomic Blast

An Augment that lets you press V to create an explosion that you will survive.


An Augment that lets you press V to switch dimensions between the End and Overworld. THIS CAN GET YOU LOST, SO KEEP THE COORDINATES OF YOUR HOME AT ALL TIMES.

Hermes' Wings

An Augments that allows you to fly.

Sword Mastery

An Augment that increases your damage when using a sword.

Axe Mastery

An Augment that increases your damage when using an axe.


An Augment that increases your mining speed.

Note: This was suggested by mega1134227.

Nightmare Healing

An Augment that allows you to press V to heal for 1 Nightmare Goo.



A drink that gives some hunger points, removes all status effects and gives regeneration. It can be found in crates.


Note: Caches are items that give you items when right clicked. These will drop from all bosses. There is currently only 1.

Cache: Experimental Cannon

Dropped by the Experimental Cannon. Right click to get items from it.

Cache: Davy Jones' Chest

Dropped by Davy Jones' Chest. Right-click to get items from it.

Other Items

Copper Ingot

An ingot used for some crafting recipes, including Circuit Boards and some Augments. It can be found in crates.

Brass Ingot

An ingot used in crafting some Augments. It can be found in crates.

Platinum Ingot

Note: Platinum and Titanium look very similar. Platinum is slightly bluer than Titanium, however.

An ingot used in crating some Augments. It can be found in crates.

Titanium Ingot

An ingot used in crafting some Augments. It can be found in crates.


A crafting material used in crafting some Augments. It can be found in crates.


Ammo for the Hand Cannon. It can be found in crates, crafted or dropped by some enemies.

Musket Ball

Ammo for the Musket. It can be found in crates or crafted from a cannonball.

Experimental Laser

Not normally attainable without cheats or JEI. Used simply as a texture for the Experimental Cannon to shoot.

Experimental CPU

A crafting material dropped by the Experimental Cannon's Cache. Used to craft some Augments.

Nightmare Goo

A crafting material dropped by Nightmare Slimelings. It is used for some Augments, and as fuel for the Nightmare Healing Augment.

Davy Jones' Heart

A crafting material dropped by Davy Jones' Chest's Cache. Used to craft some Augments.

Removed Non-Dungeon Features

Nutrition Augment

Removed in 1.1.2. That update was originally going to fix it being impossible to craft. However, on testing, it was discovered to be overpowered, by making you have huge regeneration by reaching full hunger, and almost making you invincible. So it was removed.

Cursed Protection Augment

Removed in 1.2.1. An Augment that allowed you to press V to spawn Cursed Slime, which dealt damage to entities not wearing the Neo Augmentation Helmet for this Augment. It was removed because it crashed the game when it dealt damage.

Cursed Slime

Removed in 1.2.1. A fluid spawned by use of the Cursed Protection Augment. It dealt damage to entities not wearing a Neo Augmentation Helmet equipped with that Augment. It was removed because it crashed the game when it dealt damage.


These were removed in 1.2.2, as they were causing major crashes on some forge versions.


Note: The word in square brackets [ ] is the dungeon's ID.

Tier 1 Dungeons

Note: Tiers are defined by loot and enemies. Tier 1 has only chests as loot, and has Cannon, Cannon Cart and Barrel Bot as enemies.

Wooden Dungeon [WoodDungeonOak]

An underground dungeon consisting of several rooms. It is very common, and has 2 chests hidden behind walls.

Oak Smithy [OakSmithy]

A surface dungeon that looks similar to a village blacksmith house. It has 2 rooms and 1 chest. It is quite common.

Stone Tower [StoneTower]

A surface dungeon that has 1 chest and several cannons at the top. It is a castle-like tower of cobblestone. It is quite common.

Small Spruce Outpost [SmallSpruceOutpost]

A tiny surface dungeon with few enemies and one chest. It consists of a few spruce pillars and a double stone slab. It is very common.

Tier 2 Dungeons

Note: Tier 2 has crates, and sometimes chests. It has Cannon, Cannon Cart, Barrel Bot and Powder Kegbot as enemies.

Crate Box [CrateBoxOak]

This dungeon is a small 3x3x3 cube of oak wood planks underground, with a crate in the middle. It is quite common.

Construction Site [ConstructionSite]

A small half-built house of clay on the surface with some crates and a chest.

Crate Hoard [CrateHoard]

A small pile of crates on the surface with few enemies. It is quite common.

Crate Pyramid [CratePyramid]

A reasonably large pyramid of crates on the surface, with a high amount of enemies. It is fairly rare.

Epic Crate Box [EpicCrateBox]

A small 3x3x3 cube of obsidian underground with a crate in the middle that has a 100% chance of being an Epic Item. It is very rare.

Giant Keg [GiantKeg]

A large bomb-like structure made of wood and crates. It has a lot of enemies, and the inside is filled with Powder Kegbots.

Mega Crate [MegaCrate]

A huge cube of crates on the surface. It is surrounded by enemies.

Rare Crate Box [RareCrateBox]

A 3x3x3 cube of cobblestone underground with a crate in the centre that has a 100% chance of being rare. It is quite rare.

Storehouse [Storehouse]

A wooden room on the surface with a high amount of enemies, a pile of crates and a pile of hay with a coal block hidden in it. It is fairly uncommon.

Biome Dungeons

Note: Biome Dungeons are dungeons that only spawn in specific biomes. They are similar to Tier 2 dungeons but can also have Buccaneer Bot as an enemy.

Palm Tree [PalmTree]

A large tree with a chest on top. It generates on beaches, and in deserts.

Seaside Outpost [SeasideOutpost]

A small hut with some crates and a chest. It generates on beaches.

Fishing Boat [JungleFishingBoat]

A tiny boat made of jungle wood with some crates and a chest. It generates in Oceans.

Desert Shrine [DesertShrine]

A small room made of sandstone with a chest and some crates. It generates in deserts and mesas.

Signpost [Signpost]

A small post with some crates. It has arrows of weakness in item frames.

Lumber Camp [LumberCamp]

A cut-down spruce tree next to a campfire. It has a chest and some crates. It generates in taigas and extreme hills.

Mushroom Shrine [MushroomHouse]

A small room made of red mushroom blocks with a chest and some crates. It generates in Mushroom Islands.

Jungle Hut [JungleHut]

A small hut made of jungle wood, leaves and hay bales. It has a chest and some crates. It generates in Jungles.

Ghostly Ship [GhostShip]

A small wooden ship covered in slime. It has a chest and some crates. It generates in Oceans. As well as the usual enemies, this dungeon can have the Ghost Pirate Illager.

Boss Dungeons

Note: A boss dungeon is defined as a dungeon containing high-level loot and a boss with a health bar.


A large concrete structure with several layers, a huge amount of crates and a chest at the top. The Experimental Cannon is on the roof.

EMTF stands for Experimental Mechanical Testing Facility. It is quite uncommon.

Ghostly Galleon [GhostGalleon]

A HUGE dungeon (I had to invent Nester Blocks just to get it to work, it took me about 8 hours) with a deck, hull and cabin. The hull has several large rooms. It is made of Spruce and Dark Oak planks. Davy Jones' Chest is inside it, but is sleeping. Therefore you will not see the health bar. If you really want to, though, you can wake it up if you find it. The loot is worth the difficult battle.

A note on downloading:

Please download the file with '[LATEST VERSION]' next its name. The others are just legacy versions, and are deleted when the file limit is reached. They only exist in case you want to try something from an older version. If you want to try a version no longer on the downloads page, I can provide a link.

Modification files
CogwheelDungeonsV1.2.2b.jar - Cogwheel Dungeons V1.2.2b [LATEST VERSION]670.58 KB
CogwheelDungeons V1.2.2a.jar - Cogwheel Dungeons V1.2.2a [LEGACY VERSION]669.47 KB
CogwheelDungeonsV1.2.2.jar - Cogwheel Dungeons V1.2.2 [LATEST VERSION]669.5 KB
Cogwheel_Dungeons_V1.2.1a.jar - Cogwheel Dungeons V1.2.1a [LEGACY VERSION]696.39 KB

V1.0.0 released! 14 dungeons, 4 mobs, 1 boss, 9 blocks, 2 pieces of armour, 5 Augments, 1 potion/food, 2 weapons, 1 cache, and 9 other items.

-It took a lot to get this mod out here, and rest assured it will be updated constantly.

Patch V1.0.1a released! Barrel Bot is now completely hostile. The watermark has been removed, Giant Keg is now rarer, and Experimental Shield has been nerfed.

Patch V1.0.1b released! This would be V1.0.2, but it is just a small fix to an issue from V1.0.1a. Experimental Shield fixed. I just can't seem to get it right.

V1.1.0 1 mob, 5 augments, 8 biome dungeons, experimental shield change.

V1.1.1 Buccaneer Bot HP fixed and speed doubled. Experimental Shield description now matches current version. Palm tree now generates in Desert Hills.

V1.1.2 Removed Nutrition Augment, and all related features.

V1.2.0 1 boss, 2 dungeons, 1 mob, 5 blocks, 2 fluids, 3 Augments, 1 cache and 2 other items.

V1.2.1 Removed Cursed Protection Augment, added some Advancements. Made Oak Smithy and Ghostly Galleon rarer.

V1.2.1a Changed the descriptions of some advancements, disabled strict forge version check. (Yes, I know this hasn't been updated in ages, and now it has been it's just been this. I have managed to get the mod working in later versions of Mcreator, so I can now finally continue working on it).

V1.2.2 Removed advancements due to a severe crash on some forge versions.

V1.2.2a Fixed certain biome-specific dungeons spawning in plains. Mushroom House and Jungle Hut can now spawn in villages of up to 5 houses, and Wandering enemies can now spawn in groups of up to 5.

V1.2.2b Fixed Crates and stopped Ghostly Galleon, Ghost Ship and Jungle Fishing Boat from spawning on the ocean floor


Create a new Augment to replace Cursed Protection

Nether-based Dungeons

New crate types

Dungeons based on different materials to wood

Help... I'm running out of ideas! Please go here to post your ideas and help me out!

Cool mod and description :D
I think it will win MOTW
PS: is the cannon cart inspired on Clash Royale/Clash of Clans?

Btw, I think you could also add in the mod a "Digging augment" that helps both picakxe speed and shovel speed. :)