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Posted by: firejojo
File description: (latest) - This version contains lot of features that can make your world a bit ugly / Contains Bugs
File size: 4.84 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 318
Mod changelog:

*********************  V0.5.5 ********************* (In development)

• Refinery
• Extraction Oil Platform

---------------------- V0.5.4 ----------------------


• Steam Engine

• Boiler ( Steam )
• Materials: Chrome Ore - Ingot - Dust / Stainless Steel Ingot - Dust / Resistor / Aluminum Tank 


---------------------- V0.5.3 ----------------------

• Materials : Gear / Iron and Copper Plate / Iron Stick / Wire / Circuit Card / Diamond Laser

• Assembling Table Added

• Convoyer transport Items

• Bug fixing : Machinery ( Input / Output  Energy / Item blocks make items disapear )

---------------------- V0.5.2 ----------------------

• Convoyers ( Only transport entity )

• Bug fixed : Input more than 64 items with hopper in an input block make them disapear.

• Copper Ore / Ingot

---------------------- V0.5 ----------------------

• Ore Dictionnary added to all common stuff like copper ingot, iron powder ... -> Compatibility with copper of other mods

• Industrial Furnace

• Machinery : Cable / Input & Output Items block / Output Energy block / Creative Energy Cell / Coal Generator

• Loop ( Using to see energy in blocks )

• Building Hammer

• Lamp is stilling have model problem

---------------------- V0.4 ----------------------

• Recipe for Mortar and Pillon

• Recipe for Press

• Added Pump, Pipe and Tap

• Added some Marble blocks

• Added lot of useless stuffs (Creative only)

---------------------- V0.3 ----------------------

• Mortar and Pillon (No recipe)

• Steel ( Ingot, dust, bar )

• Lamp

• Bauxite (Aluminium) Ores and Ingot

• Dust Iron | Coal | Steel

---------------------- V0.2 ---------------------- 

• Loom ( And stuff with this )

      - Needle

      - Scraped Wool

      - Fabric

      - Wheel

• Retexturing the chair

• Remodeling the table

• Add traduction for the Baguette (French people) bc i'm french ;)

---------------------- V0.1 ----------------------


• Oak Table/Chair/Wall

• Carpenter WorkBench

• Press


• Saw

• Plank (Oak)

• Nail




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