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Posted by: JAK_the_Cyborg
File description: New Frontiers Update! - Bugfix
File size: 4.17 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 438
Mod changelog:

1.0.0 - Released

1.0.1 - Added S.O.S Drop to Wither, Fixed certain crafting recipes, Other small changes
1.1.0 - Long Live the Queen Update!
  •  Added the Spiderling Queen! (Hope you don't have arachnophobia!)
  •  Changed the drops of the Cursed Corpse
  •  Added a few new items
  •  Changed the Elf Chief's Quests
  •  Added new advancments

1.2.0 - Home on the Range Update!
  • Added the Elvenwood Hoe to till Elven Dirt
  • Added berry seeds to plant into more berries
  • Added Glowleaf and Amberwood planks varients
  • Added Glowing Forest elf varient
  • Added a few more structures
  • Added the Glowite Sword and Glowite Pickaxe
  • Spiderling Queen now drops glowing sticks to craft Glowite tools
  • Added alternate Elven Forest Key recipe
  • Added portal bark recipe
  • Moss is now known as "vine" in the ore dictionary

1.3.0 - New Frontiers Update!
  • Added the Floating Islands Biome
  • Added the Wisp mob
  • Added the Alpha Cawron miniboss
  • Whenever a boss is killed, everyone in the server now gets the achievement
  • Revamped boss achievement mechanics
  • Added the Beetle Wing Copter to fly into the sky
  • Glowleaf trees now spawn with glowberries
  • Added the withering elf
  • Added the overworld elven explorer
  • Changed the name of the elven explorer
  • Fixed bugs with advancements
  • Added elven clothing and explorer's cap
  • Added achievement for explorer's cap
  • Many more features!

1.3.1 -

-Fixed the version listed in the mod settings

-Decreased the spawn rate of portals

1.3.2 -

- Revamped the way Moss Minions work

- Renamed the Minion Recapture Rod

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