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Posted by: NorthWestTrees
File description: CCTVCraft 4.6.2 for Minecraft 1.19.2
File size: 6.44 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 4123
Mod changelog:

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.7.0 | Forge [1.20.1]

  • Ported from 4.6.3 to Forge 1.20.1

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.6.3 | Forge [1.19.4]

  • Applied changes from 4.6.2
  • Ported 4.6.2 to Forge 1.19.4

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.6.2 | Forge [1.19.2]

  • Backported to 1.19.2
  • Fixed loot table for aluminum ore not working correctly.

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.6.1 | Forge [1.19.4]

  • Ported 4.6.0 to Forge 1.19.4

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.6.0 | Forge [1.19.2]

  • Backported to 1.19.2
  • Added Aluminum Ore generation
  • Added A way to override sounds from Sound Blocks using the Alarm System.
  • Added Support for renaming Alarm Systems and Sound Blocks.
  • Added a new variable naming system to help manage NBT names in the future.
  • Added better Camera View icons when viewing cameras from monitors
  • Added blocks for Aluminum Ore, Sound Block, and Wall and Floor Alarm Systems.
  • Added items for Raw Aluminum, Copper Wire, Speaker, Aluminum Ingots and the Hand Saw
  • Added recipes for Alarm System, Raw Aluminum, Copper Wire, Sound Blocks, Speaker, and the Hand Saw
  • Added tags for Copper Wire, Aluminum Ore, Raw Aluminum, Aluminum Ingot, Speaker, Hand Saw, and Sound Blocks
  • Added Copper Wire resourced to replace Redstone Dust in recipes
  • Added block name to the message tag for Sound Blocks, Monitors, Cameras, and Jammers
  • Added on/off state to the Sound Block
  • Added on/off sound to both Jammer blocks
  • Added Permission Card support to the Sound Block
  • Added a Name USB support to the Sound Block
  • Added five Sound block alarm sounds
  • Added Sound Block and Alarm System GUIs
  • Added Out Of Rage text to monitor's connections page when a camera is out of range
  • Added remote support for cameras, monitors, and sound blocks
  • Added an easy way to update variables for Sound Blocks and Alarm Systems
  • Added distance, pitch and minimum volume control for Alarm System for even more customizability.
  • Added the drone name to "Drone View" mode.
  • Updated Remote Floppy Disk Forge NBT tags
  • Updated the camera's Name variable to use a lowercase N instead.
  • Updated several recipes
  • Updated several recipe groups for items
  • Updated several textures for items and blocks
  • Updated the Permission Card and Remote Floppy Disk recipes
  • Updated some of the block and item textures
  • Removed old recipe unlocking system, this will be replaced using advancements
  • Removed fence gate and double fence gate AlternateRotation Forge NBT variable
  • Monitors now read the new NBT variables from Remote Floppy Disks
  • Capped camera view distance to fix a bug
  • Camera view distance now is between 0 and 320 blocks between the monitor and camera
  • Max camera distance no longer runs on world tick update, it now runs after the game rule command for it is executed
  • Jammers now have proper hitboxes
  • Monitors now are toggled on/off without sneaking
  • Opening the monitor GUI now requires you to sneak
  • Cameras, Monitors, Jammers, Drones, and Sound Blocks now use their localization for the default block name
  • Improved the permission card script, not it uses just one tag
  • Players using screwdrivers now require admin block permission to rotate the block.
  • Made custom model and texture for the Sound Block
  • Sound Blocks have an on/off pixel to indicate the state
  • Barbed Wire and Electric Fences no longer damage items.
  • Barbed Wire is now seen as "open" for pathfinding entities.
  • Fixed player in creative mode flying after exiting the camera view mode
  • Fixed monitor on/off display message
  • Fixed monitor GUI being able to be opened when the monitor was off
  • Fixed issue with the fence gates and double fence gates rotating when the block was clicked on the side.

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.5.1 | Forge [1.19.4]

  • Ported the mod from 1.19.2 to 1.19.4

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.5.0 | Forge [1.19.2]

  • FAdded custom buttons to the monitor screens
  • The monitor connection tab now shows camera tags eg. Jammed, On, or Off
  • Monitor lights now indicate if the camera is on or off
  • Monitor switches now indicate if the floppy slot is full or not
  • Camera names can now be updated via the monitor
  • Jammers now show an on/off light depending on their state
  • Compacted models for monitors, cameras, jammers, and chain fence types
  • Fixed the monitor screen name text
  • Fixed the monitor screen connection text
  • Fixed camera zoom for North, East, South-East and North-East directions
  • Fixed zoom-in issue with Noth-East for the ceiling camera
  • Fixed monitor GUI lights not unblinking when the camera is missing
  • Fixed camera view overlay camera name text
  • Fixed overlay for drone inventory slot item and slot number text
  • Fixed Name USB text field adding to the last input.

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.4.1 | Forge [1.19.2]

  • Fixed a crash that happened only on the server side when mining blocks with the drone.

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.4.0 | Forge [1.19.2]

  • Ported CCTV Craft to Minecraft 1.19.2

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.3.0 | Forge [1.18.2]

  • Added blocks of Drone Charging Station, Solar Panel, 16 Drones
  • Added creative tabs
  • Added drone blocks
  • Added drone actions
  • Added drone bomb projectiles and entities
  • Added drone controller
  • Added drone gun projectiles
  • Added drone inventory screen
  • Added drone key binds
  • Added drone key binds for movement
  • Added drone key binds for movement speed
  • Added drone key binds for slot selection
  • Added drone key binds to rotate drones left or right
  • Added drone modes for Night Vision, Flashlight
  • Added drone overlay
  • Added drone overlay icons for drone mode
  • Added many new recipes
  • Added more resource items
  • Added recipe for Barbed Wire
  • Added support to use the Name USB to name drones
  • Added support for permission cards for drones
  • Added tags for new recipes
  • Cleaned up overlays for the original camera view mode to add support for drones
  • Drone blades will stop moving when the block is off
  • Drones use existing key binds for Modes M and exiting camera view X
  • Drones have a total of 18 storage slots and 6 ammo slots
  • Drones will shut off when energy points reach 0
  • Drones can't fly anywhere other than air blocks
  • Drones docked on top of charging stations will convert FE into energy points for the drone
  • Moved items and blocks from the old creative tab to the new ones
  • Permission Cards now use a block tag for allowed blocks
  • Removed original creative tab
  • Solar Panel Blocks will charge better in clear weather while thundering will lower the charge
  • The drone flashlight mode can reach a total of 24 blocks away
  • The drone action Move Block will grab blocks in front of the drone and move them
  • Updated and added some confirmation messages for blocks and items
  • Updated some recipe group names
  • Updated some recipe tags
  • Fixed an issue where zooming was possible behind the camera in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with the flashlight crashing the game due to a sync mismatch
  • Fixed issue where inventories were cleared
  • Fixed issue with the previous camera button when six cameras were stored
  • Fixed jammer recipe not working

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.2.1 | Forge [1.18.2]

  • Fixed some message issues with some items and blocks.
  • Fixed issues with blocks and right-click events when holding items such as blocks.

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.2.0 | Forge [1.18.2]

  • Ported CCTV Craft to Minecraft Forge 1.18.2

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.1.0 | Forge [1.16.5 / 1.17.1]

  • Added "cctvcraft:recipe/dye/cyan" item tag.
  • Added "cctvcraft:recipe/gold_nugget" item tag.
  • Added Barbed Wire blocks.
  • Added Barbed Wire crafting recipe.
  • Added blood overlay.
  • Added Camera Name to the camera view overlay.
  • Added Chain Fence blocks.
  • Added Chain Fence crafting recipe.
  • Added crafting resource for cameras called "lense".
  • Added crafting resource for floppy disks called "magnetic coated disk".
  • Added crafting resource for monitors called "display".
  • Added Electric Chain Fence blocks.
  • Added Electric Chain Fence crafting recipe.
  • Added a new camera name to the camera view overlay.
  • Added new camera numbers to the camera view overlay.
  • Added new range bars to the camera view overlay.
  • Added Permission Card for editing camera members and admins.
  • Added Permission Card crafting recipe.
  • Added Screwdriver crafting recipe.
  • Added Screwdriver tool for rotating some blocks.
  • Admin permissions are a list of people that can set permissions.
  • Camera Names now auto-fill to the monitor when adding a remote floppy disk to the monitor.
  • Fences, Electric Fences, and Barbed Wire now have a chain-placed sound when they are rotated.
  • If the block has no members anyone can use the block.
  • If the block has no admins anyone can set permissions for both admins and members.
  • It is now possible to rotate monitors and cameras with a screwdriver.
  • It is now possible to set admin and member permissions to cameras and monitors.
  • Maximum Camera distance can now be changed using Game Rules!
  • Member permissions are a list of people that can use the block.
  • Monitors and cameras now have a button sound when turning on/off the blocks.
  • Monitors and cameras now have a metal place sound when they are rotated.
  • Name USB menu text fields now get and fill the text field with the display name of the Name USB.
  • On/Off states for monitors and blocks now use strings.
  • Screw drivers now have a sound when the tool breaks.
  • Fixed being able to view a camera that is outside of the view distance.
  • Fixed major issue with flickering overlays when the camera was outside of rendering distance.
  • Fixed Name USB menu not closing when a name has been set.
  • Fixed Name USB menu opening when right-clicking on a camera.
  • Fixed range icons from not displaying.
  • Fixed zoom when switching between cameras.
  • Remote Floppy Disks may need to be relinked to cameras if you have downloaded 4.0.0.
  • Changes have been made to the linking system to make the system more stable.
  • Member's support has been added and in the early stages of development for a permission-based system, there may be some bugs still with it.

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.0.0 | Forge [1.16.5]

This version is not compatible with 3.0.0 
This version no longer uses MMP UUID for permissions.

  • Added Camera Block blocks.
  • Added Ceiling Camera blocks.
  • Added Small Camera blocks.
  • Added Monitor blocks.
  • Added both item and block tags for all blocks.
  • Added on/off states for all blocks, they can be toggled by Sneaking + Right-clicking the block.
  • Cameras do not work if they are in the off-state.
  • Added Remote Floppy Disk item.
  • Added Name USB item.
  • Name USB can set names to a camera that will mask the Remote Floppy Disk display name for the camera when linked.
  • Remote Floppy Disks can be right-clicked on cameras to store the camera's data and position so that it can be linked to the monitor.
  • Remote Floppy Disks can be added to monitors by right-clicking the item in the main hand on the monitor.
  • Added a creative tab for CCTV Craft.
  • Added all cameras, monitors, floppy disks, and USB to the creative tab.
  • Added crafting recipes for Naming USB, Remote Floppy Disk, All Cameras, and the Monitor.
  • Added a recipe-unlocking system so players can unlock recipes once they have an item in their inventories.
  • Recipe crafting items now use tags.
  • Added key binds for zooming in and out when viewing cameras. The default is "W" for zooming in and "S" for zooming out.
  • Added key binds for cycling between cameras when viewing cameras. The default is "A" for the previous and "D" for the next.
  • Added key binds for changing mods when viewing cameras. The default is "M".
  • Added key binds for exiting camera view mode. The default mode is "X".
  • Added based overlay for the camera view mode.
  • Added vignette overlay based on the distance of the connected camera.
  • Added night vision overlay for when the night-vision mode is active.
  • The base overlay is now animated.
  • Added Monitor GUI screens (Main Menu, Connections, Naming)
  • Added Name USB GUI screen.
  • Added support for viewing cameras
  • Added support for keeping track of who places blocks using the NBT variable "Owner" and the player's display name.
  • Cameras now have view positions.
  • Cameras and monitors can now be toggled on/off.
  • Camera slots can be named but do not hold any particular use at this point in time.
  • Fixed a crash when a monitor exploded when the player was viewing the camera causing the player to not be able to rejoin the world.
  • Fixed night vision mode flickering due to a potion duration issue.

CCTV Craft | Beta 3.0.0 | Forge [1.14.4 / 28.2.16] & [1.15.2 / 31.2.0]

This version is not compatible with 1.0.0 
This mod now requires my MMP UUID client mod for permissions!

  • Remade the entire mod mechanics.
  • Viewing is now through spectator mode.
  • Cameras and monitors can now be made private or public.
  • You can now link cameras using the remote floppy.
  • You can now change permissions with the security floppy.
  • You can now remove cameras from monitors using the action floppy
  • You can now remove blocks using the action floppy.
  • Monitors can now store up to six cameras at a time.
  • Cameras and monitors can't be destroyed by survival/adventure players.
  • Cameras can be connected to monitors up to 5120 blocks away.
  • View mode now has a filter over the screen.
  • Filter blur now varies depending on the distance of the camera.
  • Cameras that are private can't be viewed by other people but by the owner of them.
  • Monitors that are private can't be used by other people but by the owner of them.
  • Added support / ported to 1.14.4.

CCTV Craft | Beta 1.1.0 | Forge 1.14.4 / 28.2.16

  • Added | Vyper Camera 1900 Camera View Overlay
  • Texture | Silico Cobalt Chip has been re-textured!
  • Bug Fix | "F5 Bug" due to using the wrong NBT element. (The same issue as the "Camera Pitch Bug")
  • Bug Fix | Potential exploit from Spectator Now uses adventure with potion effects of invisibility.
  • Bug Fix | "Variable Names" all variables now use "cctvcraft" before their tag or name so it's more compatible with mods.

CCTV Craft | Beta 1.0.0 | Forge 1.14.4 / 28.2.3

  • Added | Silico Wireless Receiver (Crafting Item)
  • Added | Silico Cobalt Chip (Lowest Tier Crafting Item)
  • Added | Centro Monitor 2000 (Lowest Tier Monitor)
  • Added | Vyper Camera 1900 (Lowest Tier Camera)
  • Added | Viewing Mechanics to the camera and support for future cameras and monitors.
  • Added | Key binds to move the camera and point the direction to view the camera.

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