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Posted by: TotalBlacksmith
File size: 5.77 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 373
Mod changelog:

The Arcaneum 1.0.6
  • Removed text messages that displayed when defeating certain bosses.
  • Fixed a glitch where The Sentinel would fail to target players.
  • Fixed a glitch where The Mesmerizer caused heavy lag on servers.
  • Added a sound to the Hunting Horn (It sounds pretty awesome)
  • Added a new Sorcerer spell in which he summons Goliaths.

The Arcaneum 1.0.7
  • Balanced Luminescent Armor.
  • Changed the icon for the "Bleeding" potion effect.
  • Added a new ability to The Sentinel in which he can infect the player, causing them to take damage and eventually have a Giant Bug burst out of them!

The Arcaneum 1.0.8
  • Added a poison acid attack to Giant Spitters.
  • Added the Sacred Sigil.
  • Added the Chaos Altar.
  • Changed the rarity of the Hunting horn from Epic to Uncommon.
  • The Spinosaurus can only spawn in the plains biome now.
  • Changed Valor Knight and Valor Warrior Ai, both will now attack basic mobs as well as players.
  • Altered Valor Dragons Loot Table.
  • Improved Hit boxes for The Sorcerer, Grukclu, Lava Golem, and Stone Giant.

The Arcaneum 1.0.9


  • Added Skull Masu, a new form that Masu takes after being defeated.
  • Added the Hunter Horn Blower, A new enemy that buffs the Hunter Chief and his allies with strength.
  • New Spinosaurus Model
  • Changed The Sorcerer's model.


  • The Barrens biome is now x2 as rare.
  • Grucklu health changed from 50-30
  • Snakoth health changed from 50-25
  • Abomination health changed from 300-200
  • Corrupt Horror health changed from 20-15
  • Underground Structures are now x4 as rare (This does not include the Eyeclops's Dungeon)

Bug fixs

  • Fixed a bug in which DUMMY blocks were "crashing" the game



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