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Posted by: TotalBlacksmith
File description: Latest Version
File size: 8.36 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 656
Mod changelog:

The Arcaneum 1.0.6
  • Removed text messages that displayed when defeating certain bosses.
  • Fixed a glitch where The Sentinel would fail to target players.
  • Fixed a glitch where The Mesmerizer caused heavy lag on servers.
  • Added a sound to the Hunting Horn (It sounds pretty awesome)
  • Added a new Sorcerer spell in which he summons Goliaths.

The Arcaneum 1.0.7
  • Balanced Luminescent Armor.
  • Changed the icon for the "Bleeding" potion effect.
  • Added a new ability to The Sentinel in which he can infect the player, causing them to take damage and eventually have a Giant Bug burst out of them!

The Arcaneum 1.0.8
  • Added a poison acid attack to Giant Spitters.
  • Added the Sacred Sigil.
  • Added the Chaos Altar.
  • Changed the rarity of the Hunting horn from Epic to Uncommon.
  • The Spinosaurus can only spawn in the plains biome now.
  • Changed Valor Knight and Valor Warrior Ai, both will now attack basic mobs as well as players.
  • Altered Valor Dragons Loot Table.
  • Improved Hit boxes for The Sorcerer, Grukclu, Lava Golem, and Stone Giant.

The Arcaneum 1.0.9


  • Added Skull Masu, a new form that Masu takes after being defeated.
  • Added the Hunter Horn Blower, A new enemy that buffs the Hunter Chief and his allies with strength.
  • New Spinosaurus Model
  • Changed The Sorcerer's model.


  • The Barrens biome is now x2 as rare.
  • Grucklu health changed from 50-30
  • Snakoth health changed from 50-25
  • Abomination health changed from 300-200
  • Corrupt Horror health changed from 20-15
  • Underground Structures are now x4 as rare (This does not include the Eyeclops's Dungeon)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which DUMMY blocks were "crashing" the game


The Arcaneum 1.10




  • Improved nearly every item and block texture.
  • Added The Creator, The Final Boss.
  • Added 6 new unique spells to The Creator’s arsenal. (Fireball, Summon Demon, Lightning Storm, Fire Tornado, Life Drain, and Blackhole.)
  • Added 3 new spells to The Sorcerer. (Shadow Blast, Darkness Come, Explosion of Chaos.)
  • Added a new spell to The Emperor of Shadows. (Dusk Shockwave)
  • Added a new spell to the Valor Knight mob. (Blinding Light)
  • Added the Tyrant, a massive animal that spawns in swamp and taiga biomes.
  • Made the Spinosaurus tameable.
  • Added 12 new sigils. (Items used to represent the bosses in The Arcaneum.)
  • Added 11 new achievements.
  • Updated the look of The Barrens biome.
  • Added a new structure in which you summon The Creator (Found in The Barrens.)
  • Added new Fusion Table block, a block used to fuse all of the sigils together to create the Sacred Sigil, the item used to summon The Creator.
  • Added new death effects for The Sorcerer, Masu, Emperor of Shadows, and The Creator.
  • Added a slight delay before the summoning of Rock Lord. (No more Rock Lord jumpscares.)
  • Added a slight delay to the Maniac’s bomb explosion.
  • Added new Fleshy Eyeball, an item used to tame a Spinosaurus.
  • Added a new creative tab for The Arcaneum.



  • Changed the mods namespace from “test” to “the_arcaneum”
  • Changed the name of “Grungle Meat” to “Cooked Grungle”
  • Changed the name of “Raw Grungle Meat” to “Raw Grungle”
  • Changed saturation levels for Cooked Grungle
  • Changed Enhanced Bug Armor recipes.
  • Minor model changes to Emperor of Shadows.
  • Minor animation changes to Emperor of Shadows.
  • Minor model changes to Rock Lord.



  • Changed the health of Goliath from 500-100
  • Changed the health of Giant Centipede from 60-20
  • Changed the health of Lava Golem from 400-150
  • Changed the health of Stone Giant from 200-100
  • Changed Emperor of Shadows attack damage from 17-18



  • Removed the “Daipi”
  • Removed The Sorcerer’s ability to summon Goliaths (The Creator now has this ability.)


The Arcaneum 1.12



  • New textures for Luminescent Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hoe, Helmet, Chest plate, Leggings, and Boots.
  • Added the Malevolent Blade.
  • Added Deactivated Conglomerate.
  • Added the ability to consume Flesh Essence, providing 5 hunger points, as well as a short strength buff.
  • New texture for Sleep Paralysis Demon.



  • Fixed various instances of texture bleeding on The Sentinel.
  • Removed Boss Bar for Spinosaurus (Too annoying)


  • Balanced armor values for Bug Armor, Ruby Armor, Enhanced Bug Armor, Luminescent Armor.
  • Balanced damage values for Ruby Tools and Luminescent Tools.
  • Balanced damage for Mace of Death.
  • Reduced attack knock back of Eyeclops.
  • Reduced movement speed of Eyeclops.
  • Reduced movement speed of Wheel of Flesh.
  • Reduced Lava Golem attack knock back from 4-2.5
  • Reduced Abomination attack damage from 6-5
  • Reduced Spinosaurus attack damage from 7-6
  • Reduced Succubus health from 80-40
  • Reduced Abomination health from 200-100


The Arcaneum 1.13


The Barrens Update 




  • Completely revamped the generation of The Barrens biome.
  • Added 6 new unique plants that generate in The Barrens. (Zombushroom, Redcell Mushroom, Diabolical Reed, Blight Berry Bush, Vermilion Fern, Bulber)
  • Added a new mob, the Soilclaw.
  • Added a new structure called The Barrens Vault, a vault that can potentially hold rare loot exclusive to The Barrens.
  • Added the Malignant Key, the item required to open the vault. 
  • Added a new type of wood, Barrens Wood. 
  • Added a new late game weapon, The Diabolical Axe. 
  • Added a new weapon called the Corruption Sword.
  • Added a new item called Calamitous Sack, a rare sack that can be used to store your items.
  • Added a new ranged weapon called Skin Balls.
  • Added a new block called Block of Shadowplasm.
  • Added a new block called Block of Light Essence.
  • Added a new block called Corrupt Bedrock.
  • Added Blight Berries, a new food source that grows on bushes in The Barrens.
  • Added Light Infused Apple and Enchanted Light Infused Apple.
  • Added Soilclaw Skin.
  • Added Gruk.
  • Added Grukclu Organ.
  • Added Fairy Wings.
  • Added a new achievement called Surgery. 
  • Added a new attack for Emperor of Shadows, Shadow Prison.
  • Added a new attack for The Sentinel, Infest.
  • Added a new attack for The Sentinel, Acid Spray.
  • Added a new attack for The Creator, Purge.
  • Added a new attack for Masu, Light Blast.
  • Added a new attack for Skull Masu, Light Explosion.




  • Changed The Sorcerers Model.
  • Changed the Grungles model.
  • Fixed a glitch where the Barrens was too common.
  • Fixed the Snakoth being passive toward players.
  • Fixed a glitch where structures would spawn in the ocean. 
  • Fixed a glitch in which messages meant for the player were being sent to every player. (Really annoying on servers)
  • Fixed a glitch where the Cactus Guardian would not despawn. 
  • Fixed a glitch where the game would crash when The Creator casted Lightning Storm.
  • Fixed a glitch where the Baby Cactus would spawn underground.
  • Improved the textures for the following items, Sentinel Remains, Bug Parts, Raw Tyrant, Cooked Tyrant.




  • Balanced Ruby Armor. (Same values as diamond armor)
  • Changed the Goliath Edge's attack damage from 16-7.5
  • Increased the Cactus Javelin's Ranged attack damage from 30-35
  • Added a cool down to the Corruption Staff.




  • Removed the Shadow Realm dimension. (Warning, if you have items in this dimension, please take them out before updating to 1.13)
  • Removed Shadow Wood.
  • Removed The Creators Fire Tornado spell.


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