Tutorial: Custom crafting machine block

Submitted by Matej on Sun, 06/10/2018 - 19:31
MCreator Tutorial - Using procedures for a custom crafting block

As the answer to multiple requests, we made a tutorial on how to create a fully operational custom crafting block using the MCreator's new procedure system.

This kind of tutorial was the most requested one since the release of the procedure system that allowed doing such modifications. In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Create a block with its own inventory
  • Implement your own crafting procedure
  • Design a GUI for crafting-table-like blocks
  • Open a GUI using the procedures

The modification introduces a new crafting-table-like block which can be used for fusing Redstone Dust, Diamonds and Gold with Iron Blocks. You put 1 iron block in the top left slot and one of the 3 materials to create Red Iron, Diamond Blocks or Gold Blocks.


The mod and its workspace file can be downloaded on the modification's page.




You can find some more examples and help with procedures on our procedure system reference wiki page. If you have any questions or recommendations, leave a comment in the comment section below. Stay tuned!

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I found the mod a few minutes ago but I didn't even notice it was made by Matej
Then I go to MCreator home and I see this article and I say: what, was that mod made by mcreator developers? And was it a tutorial mod?
You are really doing a great work on procedures tutorials! :D

Can I just ask why the "when item added to slot" trigger doesn't provide the "block" dependency? I'm trying to make a combination lock that works by having the player put four items in slots, and then testing whether the four slots in the other GUI (the one for attempting the combination) contain the same item/block. If true, the lock will provide power. But telling a block to provide power requires the "block" dependency, which said trigger does not provide.

Block dependency is not the same as itemstack that can be obtained from slot. Unfortunately, you can't do this this way. You could create a global variable, control redstone power using update tick trigger in block to set the power based on the variable and set the variable from the slot based on the contents of the slot in the GUI.

If you could bind 2 guis to a single block, you could make a block with 8 slots of inventory that when right-clicked with nothing in hand will open its gui for attempting the combination, while when right-clicked with a specific item in the hand (for example a key) it would open the gui for choosing the combination. A simple tick rate procedure would check if items in slot 0,1,2,3 are the same in slot 4,5,6,7 and if yes, send a redstone signal (this means that if the inventory of the block is empty, it will give redstone signal too)
Unfortunately I don't think that you can bind 2 guis to a single block :(
(Sorry for bad English)

I am not aware of a method to bind 2 GUIs to a single block. EDIT: Actually one can do this, I read binding two blocks to one GUI at first, which is not possible, but you can bind the same block to multiple GUIs without any problems.

Ooooohhh. I freaking love the video. It's very informative and amazing.

Hmm... I think I have an idea. :D :)

Submitted by _chuchu_ on Tue, 06/12/2018 - 10:30

If I want it to have more than two input slots, I can simply put another if with all the and/or after the first one ?

We do not have a set date for 1.8.0 yet. The feature list for 1.8.0 is more or less complete, so there should be first estimates in the upcoming weeks.

I have a few questions that I always forgot to ask:
1- For custom mobs drop, can we just go to Mcreator\forge\src\main\resources\assets\minecraft and edit loot tables?
2- When making a recipe (by the recipe mod element) , you can choose to add a smelting or a crafting recipe. Can I add both of them? Can they have different outputs?
3- I tried to edit splashes by Mcreator\forge\src\[...] folder but it doesn't seem to work. Why? :(

1 - this could work. Custom mob drops can also be defined in mob creation wizard, more specific drops can be defined using procedure editor.
2 - Yes, you can add both of them, with different outputs.
3 - I am not sure but they might get ignored by Minecraft. Or there is another trick. I never tried doing this so someone else will have to give you a more correct answer to this question.