Resource Pack Generator

Published by Goldorion on Sun, 07/26/2020 - 14:33
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Resourcepack Generator plugin
About the plugin


  • Create block and item textures directly into MCreator
  • Change Minecraft item names
  • Create armor textures with MCreator


  • To use the plugin, you have to select the generator inside the Datapack workspace flavor.

  • For the armor, you will have to rename the head and body items for helmet and chestplate. (For example, diamond_head -> diamond_helmet and diamond_body -> diamond_chestplate)
  • All workspace settings are uselless.
  • To put your own logo, take your picture and name it "pack.png". After, take it and put inside the .zip file (Not into the assets folder.)
  • Custom sounds work, but only if you put them directly in this folder (MCreatorWorkspace/yourWorkspace/src/main/assets/minecraft/sounds After create the well sub folder(s))
  • To add other texture files (entity, GUI, ect.), put them in this global folder MCreatorWorkspace/yourWorkspace/src/main/assets/minecraft/textures After, create the folder you need (entity, gui, etc.)
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