DTM's Toolkit - Attributes (v1.1.0)

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DTM's Toolkit - Attributes:

Version 1.1.0:

  • Combined all entity attributes in to one block!
  • Added a new "get attribute" block that allows you to get the current base value of the entity.
  • Added a brand new "add entity dependency block" in order to use the new features.

Version 1.1.0 of DTM's Toolkit - Attributes cleans up the procedures a little bit (it will require you to replace your current procedures), by combining everything in to one block! It also adds the ability to "get" the entity attribute's current base value. In order to use the procedure, please be sure to use the new "Add entity attribute dependency" block by adding it to the top of each procedure you use it in!

Please remember to use the "add entity dependency" block at the top of each procedure (or within an if block) for these new features to work!

Version 1.0.3 (first public build):

  • Set max health of entity.
  • Set armor value of entity.
  • Set armor toughness of entity.
  • Set attack damage of entity.
  • Set knockback resistance of entity.
  • Set attack speed of entity (players only).
  • Set luck of entity (players only).

Version 1.0.3 of DTM's Toolkit - Attributes offers the ability to modify many of the "SharedMonsterAttributes" shared between all living entities, allowing you to set and modify their base values. Both "attack speed" and "luck" are available only to players, while the other attributes within this version will work for any other entity, whether it be custom or vanilla.

Overtime, I'll be releasing consistent updates to this plugin. Hopefully offering multiple new procedures, triggers, and templates that may be useful to every one of you.

The next update to be released will finalize the "SharedMonsterAttributes" that aren't included with this version, including movement speed, flight speed (for flying mobs), and more.

Please request any procedures you would like to see in this plugin as well, and I'll do my best to make it happen! Also, please comment about any bugs or issues you may have, and I'll look in to all of them ASAP.

You can find all the procedure blocks listed above in the custom category labeled "DTM" in your procedure builder.

You can install this plugin through your preferences and plugin manager, or you may just drop the ".zip" into your plugins folder, then restart MCreator.

This plugin currently only supports MCreator 2020.4+ and the Minecraft Forge Generator for 1.15.2.

Check out my other developments here:

- Drop The Mag

Supported MCreator versions
EAP 2020.5.35716
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