Goldfuscate [Forge 1.18.2]

Published by Goldorion on Mon, 12/07/2020 - 01:36
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Goldfuscate, personalize the player model!

Goldfuscate is a plugin adding the possibility to use Posture, a library created by MrCrayfish, a powerful API to make custom animations on the player's model.

Download Posture

NO FORGE 1.16.5!

I stopped to support Forge 1.16.5 because it would have required more work for just a few weeks as the generator is removed in the next MCreator's snapshot. It would have also complexified my job as it works with another mod (Posture 1.18+, Obfuscate 1.17-).

Short tutorial:

1. When you have your procedure, you must select the new global trigger called "Setup rotations of the player - Posture". This will allow Posture to know how to execute the code.


This plugin adds 2 new procedure blocks allowing you to make everything. The first procedure block (see the image below) allow you to get a value of a part of the player model. The second block is the block used to change a value of a part of the model.




- Added support for Posture (replacement of Obfuscate for 1.18+)
- Added support for Forge 1.18.2
- Removed support for Obfuscate and Forge 1.16.5
- Changed procedure blocks to represent the Mojmap names (old procedures will break)
- Added 2 new internal data lists


GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3)

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I’m not sure if it’s only happening to me however the plugin seems to break my mod when I play it on a server. Many of the features simply won’t work. I made sure to test it on a server with and without the plugin just to make sure it was the plugin causing the issues. (This issue does not show up in single player)

How do I get this to work with armor? The animations only apply to the player and the armor has the default animations