Procedures Plus [Forge 1.16.5, 1.18.2, 1.19.2]

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Available for forge: 1.16.5, 1.18.2, 1.19.2


I'd like to share with a few procedures that I think might come in handy. Each time I think of new procedures to add, an update will be available here!

A few explanations:
- Morph procedures (orange) are for the "Identity" mod, that I often use, so I don't have to write a new command each time I use it
- If Then Else operator is the exact same that MCreator offers, however my version lets you stack them inside of each other!
- "Set no physics" is basically spectator mode in survival, but if you don't give yourself flying somehow - you will literally drown in the ground and fall into void eventually. Also, it can only be used with the trigger On loaded entity tick update, otherwise it will not work.
- <shape> X, Y, and Z blocks should only be used inside their corresponding "In a <shape> shape" procedures, nowhere else. Otherwise you'll get errors.

The procedures:

Mechanics of some of the procedures, that may require explaining and understanding before using:





If you find any bugs, let me know in the comments. Expect future updates!


-Added a new "for loop" procedure
-Added a new "reverse the vanilla texture" procedure
-Put data procedures into a seperate "Procedures+ data" tab
-Changed colors of the blocks to be nicer for the eye
-Remade the sphere procedure:
       -it's more clear now
       -added full sphere shape
       -added upper hemisphere
       -now there's 3 procedures
              -In a sphere shape
              -In an upper hemisphere shape
              -In a lower hemisphere shape (the original was "in a circular shape")
-New procedure: Get selected hotbar slot
-Added support for 1.18.2 and 1.16.5 for the "Get key that keybind ... is assigned to" procedure

MIT License

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Nevermind, probably should have read the description first. For anybody wondering, it's a shortcut for a mod called identify which is like the morph mod. It can be triggered without this plugin with the command "identity equip @p mob_id"

Could you add a 'Entity is type of: [ ]' block please? So it doesn't select subtypes, like how selecting 'Zombie' will also select all entities that use the Zombie AI base :0

This is true, but much like how you packaged your Morph mod command into a block, it'd streamline the process over having to make tags for individual mobs, y'know?

If you're not into that, though: Are you open to adding blocks/triggers/AI tasks pertaining to when an entity is looked at, like Endermen? That'd be a game-changer for developing mobs, as I primarily do in MCreator :0

Maybe you could add a procedure block that checks if any keybind is pressed? For example: A custom keybind is set to Alt and the procedure goes:
If key A pressed down, do X1 thing
else if key S pressed down, do X2 thing
And so on.