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Available for forge: 1.16.5, 1.18.2, 1.19.2, 1.19.4, 1.20.1


I'd like to share with a few procedures that I think might come in handy. Each time I think of new procedures to add, an update will be available here!

A few explanations:
- Morph procedures (orange) are for the "Identity" mod, that I often use, so I don't have to write a new command each time I use it. They will not morph you in mcreator though, as you need the identity mod installed.
- If Then Else operator is the exact same that MCreator offers, however my version lets you stack them inside of each other!
- "Set no physics" is basically spectator mode in survival, but if you don't give yourself flying somehow - you will literally drown in the ground and fall into void eventually. Also, it can only be used with the trigger On loaded entity tick update, otherwise it will not work.
- Shape X, Y, and Z blocks should only be used inside the sphere procedures, nowhere else. Otherwise you'll get errors.

The procedures:

Examples of some mechanics, that may require explaining and understanding before using:





The positions of generating the spheres are also adjustable, you just need to use the Shape X/Y/Z blocks correctly, like in the above images


If you find any bugs, let me know in the comments. Expect future updates!




- Support for 2023.3
- Added true/false checking for armor trims materials on armor pieces (1.20.1 only)
- Probably some bug fixes if there were any (i don't remember cuz i forgot to upload the updated version, well 💀)



- Added support for forge 1.19.4
- Added 5 new procedures:
   - "Drop the whole off-hand of entity player"
   - "Drop the whole main-hand of entity player"
   - "Drop one item from the off-hand of entity player"
   - "Drop one item from the main-hand of entity player"
   - "Amplify the current motion of entity by a factor of <number>"
- [BUG FIX] "is player flying" couldn't work properly with certain logic operators



- Added "Is player flying" that checks if a player is flying at all. (works with players only)
- [BUG FIX] In "get number of slots of block at x y z..." replacing xyz with variables would sometimes return errors



- [BUG FIX] For loop is now working correctly, and is fully customizable when it comes to variables
- [BUG FIX] Sphere Shape procedures will now accept variables as radius size

v1.3.1 hotfix
-Changed variable names, so different shape blocks can be used in one procedure
-Added 2 new "make entity face entity" and "make all entities (with optional exceptions) face player" 
       -to add an exception -> write e.g. "type=!minecraft:pig, type=!minecraft:creeper, type=!my_mod_id:entity_id" in the text field to exclude those 3 example entities
-Fixed all the shape procedures -> the shapes were acting weird and didn't generate properly
-All shape procedures now use one type of XYZ blocks -> it's "Shape X/Y/Z"
-Added "Set attack targeting of entity to none" that prevents enemies from targetting you. The best effect of this procedure is on a tick update
-Shape procedures have now their own tab "Procedures+ shapes"
-Added a new "for loop" procedure
-Added a new "reverse the vanilla texture" procedure
-Put data procedures into a seperate "Procedures+ data" tab
-Changed colors of the blocks to be nicer for the eye
-Remade the sphere procedure:
       -it's more clear now
       -added full sphere shape
       -added upper hemisphere
       -now there's 3 procedures
              -In a sphere shape
              -In an upper hemisphere shape
              -In a lower hemisphere shape (the original was "in a circular shape")
-New procedure: Get selected hotbar slot
-Added support for 1.18.2 and 1.16.5 for the "Get key that keybind ... is assigned to" procedure

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If i use change vanilla texture on a item would someone elses inventory (with the same item) also change? And could you change a nonvanilla texture to another texture?

I have a suggestion:

How about adding a procedure that allow us to add text to things? It would be something like:

"Render [string or lang key] on the face [north/south/east/west/up/down] of the [block/blockentity] block at [blockpos] with the rotation [x, y, z or other procedure]"
"Render [string or lang key] on the face [north/south/east/west/up/down] of the [item] on the player's hand with the rotation [x, y, z or other procedure]"

And then, when we use it, the text would render on top of the selected face of the block or item with the selected formatting options. For example:

And then you could also add a procedures for us to control the text formating, like:

"Set the size of the [string or other text procedure] to [number or other number procedure]"

"Set the color of the [string or other text procedure] to [coler or other procedure]"

"Get the rotation/orientation of [block or item model] at [blockpos or player hand]"

Hello. I found a bug in Mcreator 2023.4 Forge 1.20.1

Procedure -
Error -

Just wanted to ask if this plugin still works in 2023.4, since I plan to update my workspace in the near future.

Hello can you update your mod and add the function to break out of the for loop?

i love it to work with the "i" you know what i mean :)

but i cannot break the mod and thats a problem for me


if you can add these fuction or fix it I would be happy

the plugin looks nice, could you put it to version 2023.3 (1.20.1)?

I had the idea for a procedure block that checks if the player's camera is inside of a block. You're the first person my mind went to when it comes to implementing something like this.

Having a problem with 'Get number of slots of block at x y z if it has inventory' not picking up barrels. It says it has 0 slots

Is there a way to stop the game from crashing when the player sets a Keybind to Shift, Alt, Ctrl with the get key category identifier. I have it displaying the Keybind in a GUI and have tried everything

Very good thanks for this plugin ! Do you think it's possible to add empty sphere shape ?

Can you make a Radius trigger to check if any mob is in a radius of a certain mob? I really need this for a mod i'm making but it's fine if you don't.