Pink and black texture instead of the texture i made in MCreator.

Issue description

I have made a small mod,about 7 blocks,15 items and 3 smelting items.I have tested the mod in the MCreator test enviroment,and it looked good.

Then,i installed Forge,put the mod in the mods folder,started Minecraft,and then i created a world.I searched for a block,and the texture was a Pink/Black square instead of the texture i made.I really would like help,i have spent 3 hours on this mod.

Forge version:1.12.2-

Mods used:Optifine and the mod i made in MCreator.



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Issue comments

Please attach the .mcr file to the issue here, not using a file sharing service if possible.

Don't worry, you will learn.

This is a very strange issue. I will take a look at it. Is there any option to provide me the screenshot of the export settings before you export the mod? The screenshot of the window in which you specify the mod name, author and such parameters. Thanks!

I located the cause of this issue. You can solve it by switching the workspace to another one and back to this one and then export this mod again. This issue will be fixed in MCreator 1.7.9.

Thank you for your bug report.

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