Can't create new mobs

Published by Duugu on Sun, 06/17/2018 - 09:24
Can not reproduce
Issue description

Hello. I posted this as a comment on another issue but i thought opening a new ticket would be better

I am having an issue with creating new mobs. I can add every other mod element normally, but when i press "OK" when adding a mob, it freezes for a bit and then nothing happens.I have tried on 2 laptops (one is windows 10 and one is windows 7) and both have the same problem.

Screen recording of the issue :

Output from the .bat file :

I can provide more info if needed.

Issue comments

Can you open procedure or overlay maker? Could you screenshot the lib folder of MCreator inside installation directory? Thank you for information.

Or does anyone have any other specific data on how to reproduce this issue, I have tried doing a clean install of MCreator 1.7.9 right now and tried to create mobs and overlays and the editor opened as it should.

I have raised the priority of this issue to Major.

We have issues as we can not reproduce this bug. If anyone can provide us with more information on this bug, it will be very welcome.

I can create mobs but i can't export a mod that contains mobs or biomes

FireBlox, what happens when you try to export a mod? If you get error messages, this is an unrelated issue and please consider opening a new ticket. Thanks!

I have fixed the problem, but i can't do custom models, or ore generation in custom dimensions.

FireBlox, could you please tell me how you fixed this issue, as this would provide me a very valuable information so I can help other users on how to fix this problem with not being able to make mobs. Thank you very much :)

As no one provided any screen recordings, error logs or other information I was asking for, I am closing this ticket as I can not reproduce this bug and therefore can't fix it. When we get the information we need, we will reopen this ticket.

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