Items don't show their name in custom GUI

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Issue description

When holding an item (or a block, tool, armor, etc.) when a custom GUI is opened (a GUI with inventory) it doesn't show up its name.

Issue comments

Thank you for your bug report!

Adding the following code in the Container class of the GUI fixes this bug:

public void drawScreen(int mouseX, int mouseY, float partialTicks) {
	super.drawScreen(mouseX, mouseY, partialTicks);
	this.renderHoveredToolTip(mouseX, mouseY);

This will be added in the code automatically from 1.8.0 on.

For users that would like to do this manually, you need to put the code I provided above the method called "drawGuiContainerBackgroundLayer". You can use code editor and search to find the proper location inside the code of your custom GUI.

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