You can't mine blocks above 5 harvest level?

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Issue description

more pickaxe harvest level needs to be added to the Mcreator. a diamond pickaxe is the strongest pickaxe, because it is harvest level 6. why do this to us, Mcreator? please make it so there can be stronger pickaxes in minecraft mods! for example: users would be able to set pickaxes to mine their even greater ores in their mod! like: uranium, amethyst, unitazium (My own ore), and much more! i really want this added in.

Issue comments

Actually the harvest level of diamond is 3. Most mods stop at 5, that's why mcreator's limit is 5.

Uh, Klemen, if i understand correctly, users can override this limit by editing this lines of code, right?

Item.ToolMaterial enumt = EnumHelper.addToolMaterial("TOOL", 1, 5, 2F, 4, 3);
ret.put("pickaxe", 1);


Yes, I can't code but if I remember correctly, these numbers are the harvest level, the durability, the efficiency, etc. (in a different order) (I edited by coding a lot of mod elements back in RaolCraft 3, then, when I exported/imported the workspace hundreds of mod elements were broken so I decided to remake the mod XD). You can open the mod editor via mcreator while leaving the code tab opened so you can see what numbers are what.

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