Call procedure at x, y, z

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Issue description

Call procedure is a great feature that saves a lot of time, but I think it can still improve.

My idea is to add a new procedure block called "Call procedure at x, y, z" so the user can choose where to trigger that procedure.

If, for example, the user makes a procedure that checks if a block is not bedrock, command block, structure block, etc. and if yes destroys that block and wants to use it for a boss that, like player, zombies etc., has a 2 blocks-tall hitbox then he needs to call that procedure and to recreate again that procedure by changing the y value. And that makes the user lose a lot of time, especially when he updates a procedure and needs to update another.

I know that this isn't the best example but I still think it can make everything even faster

Issue comments

Good idea. I think I will add call procedure block that will support changing the passed values.

I will add this feature in MCreator 1.8.1, you will be able to find in the Advanced section of the procedure toolbox.

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