Switch Model/texture with procedure

Published by Hidan on Sat, 09/01/2018 - 01:54
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Issue description

I have suggestion that might reduce the size of workspace and mods 
Currently when someone wants to create an functional alter or cauldron he/she have to create its empty version and other versions with water/potion and etc,
same with lamps when someone want to make On and Off lamp he has to create two different blocks so to reduce work and size of mod/workspace I'm suggesting to
make two new sets of blocks in procedures which is (Change Model of block to Model:) and (check if model of this block is equal to this model) and same with textures 
for blocks and items.
This will make it look more profesional and we will not be able to see lots of the same blocks in mods like JEI 
also reduce size.

Issue comments

This is a nice idea, but it would require us to add block states support which would change quite a lot compared to the current implementation of block creation in MCreator, so this most likely won't be implemented in 1.8.1, but will be in the future update for sure.

Related ticket: https://mcreator.net/tracker/issue/41886

I have a question about this topic.

I made a block A, a block B and a item X. If i right-click with item X on block A, I want it to destroy block A, remove one item X from my inventory and spawn block B at the same position.

So far everything worked fine.

But i can use item X on any other block too and it changes to block B. Is there a way to make my item only usable on block A?

You can use procedure to check which block is at the location of right clicking and use = procedure block for blocks to check whether the block is your own custom block.

I have done it that a block spawn at the location of were i right klick, but i did not find a procedure block that would be able to check for a specific block or did i overlook it 

I've look at the first link you posted klemen and that ticket says its been postponed and you merged it with this ticket and this says closed(fixed) but i still do not see a way that we can add blockstates or even create our own custom blockstate, is there something i am missing or is it just not possible yet?

Im asking because ive had a .json file ready and its valid and all i have to do is add it but there isnt a way to currently add a new blockstate so ive been waiting. Please let me know if im just missing something. Keep up the good work!!!

I mark tickets that get merged with Closed (fixed) so you should track progress here: https://mcreator.net/tracker/issue/41886

For now, the best option is to make multiple blocks with different models or textures and switch them when you would want to switch the model or texture.

You are not missing anything, it is not possible yet.

I am doing my best to add this as soon as possible, but only I work on MCreator code right now so I am quite busy will all the features that get requested :) And this feature is really big and requires many changes in UI and in the code.

wouldn't that be a reason to do it sooner than later, if it really requires so much change, then do it now. better to do it now before everything changes and things keep getting added, and the longer you wait the more you will have to write to get it working. or i might be wrong? btw i love ypur work. you're my inspiration

This is a heavy feature request so we postponed it a bit. There is a new ticket for this open, though.

is it possible to set NBT data to a blockstate or so that you can read it with a texutren/resourcepack and use a different texture or model depending on the state?