Suggestion for schematics: randomized rotation

Published by KreatorB on Tue, 09/04/2018 - 21:46
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Issue description

I just used a tree schematic to generate the trees in my Biome, however I noticed that the air of the selection(schematic) cuts off other trees and land.

Was wondering if you could consider adding a minus air to the schematic rule as so that is do not erase what it over laps.
World Edit uses this feature and it would make for a hug improvement in the randomization of the tree schematics or buildings.


Also might be cool to have an option that the schematic can be rotated while placing the objects during generation, like this they do not lay and place in all the same places.
Of course it would only work in 90 and 180 or 270 degrees as any other angle mess the schematics. 

Just a thought. Thanks

Issue comments

For the air generation, we have no control over it as MCreator uses default Minecraft structure system. The structure needs to be generated without air or edited to be so.

Regarding second part, structures are already rotated randomly in biomes, if we are talking about tress. Or is this feature request for structures in general?

Thanks for the feed back on the schematic air issue, I got yeah! The rotation idea was to be considers for both builds seeing how it does it on trees no need. but might be something to consider down the line for schematic builds. Thansk for your time