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Before 1.8.0, we could edit the block model that is rendered in inventory by going in a folder that is near to the textures folder. It was reset just when exporting and importing the workspace.

It seems that in 1.8.0 folders changed and models are now in the user folder. I tried to edit the item model of a block with custom 3d model so that block is rendered like an item when in inventory (like the hopper or the cauldron).

However, it seems that after recompilation this is reset.

So, I have a little idea: what about a button when making a block that lets you choose an item texture that will be rendered instead of the block when it is in the inventory? This way the user hasn't to lock the mod element/edit the model over and over.

This isn't very important but I think that it can be added easily in mcreator.

Sorry for bad English

Issue comments

What modifications did you do to these files? I can add a checkbox for these modifications, but I am not entirely sure I understood what modifications you did to the code. Thanks for the info!

To be honest, now I don't remember what did I write exactly.

When I was using 1.7.9 I just went to the folder "models" that is in the assets folder where there is the textures folder too. Then I went to the folder "items" and there were models for all the blocks and items that could be rendered in inventory. I opened a random item json file that isn't rendered as a normal block, I copied its code, I opened the json file of my block, I pasted there and edited the name of the texture to render instead of the block.

(I am going to split this comment in 2 part because I don't want the page to reload and lose everything)

I pressed the runclient button and it worked. The block was rendered as an item when in inventory.

I made a backup of that json file on my desktop.

After updating to 1.8.0, the block was no longer rendered as a item when in inventory. So, after closing the runclient, I copied the json file that was on my desktop but I wasn't able to find the folder where item models are stored.

So I searched it and found it in the user folder. I pasted the model there, pressed runclient button but the block was still not rendered as an item.

I have not yet checked if the model json file was changed, but I will soon. I mainly posted this as a feature request

(I'm sorry for bad English)

It allows the user to choose a texture that is used when the block is in inventory, hotbar, etc.

For example, vanilla cauldrons, repeaters and cakes have a 2D texture when they are in the inventory and a 3d model when placed


Some users are reporting they were able to do this inside their modeler tools by setting how the block/item looks in hand, on the ground, ...

So if this is the case I would prefer to be this done there so I don't think this feature is needed in such case.

I am not sure but I think it was Blockbench. There was a forum topic about this. If I find it, I will link it but you can try searching too :)