Structures are not exporting

Published by Hidan on Fri, 09/28/2018 - 21:17
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OKI this is very serious 
I created a mod and made alpha version for testing but when I try to spawn Any of my structures game just not doing it and no matter if its generated by Procedure or by Structure generation element, its like game don't recognize my blocks and uses air blocks instead 
note that I was using Structure block so they are NBT files by default and I'm getting error when I try to import Schematic Files

I'm also giving alpha version of my mod if someone want to check this bug

also here are some quick ways to spawn structures in my mod:
1.Place Cotton Sapling on Bubble Gum Dirt/Grass and wait
2.Right click on block with Portal Alter Spawner to generate structure
3.Make Portal frame with Runic Stone and use AeriumDebug item to open portal there you will see falling water instead of small islands

Also smaller bug:
Structures generate air blocks when they not suppose so can you implement option to not generate air blocks ?

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Issue comments

I will check the cause for this bug and do my best to fix it in 1.8.1.

Regarding air blocks, this was discussed already quite a few times. The issue is that now we use Minecraft structure system and right now, it does not support toggling the air spawning, so the only solution is to make sure structure does not contain air when generating it.

Structures are indeed exported if you check your jar file. I made a simple mod for a test where I imported schematic and made a structure to spawn. I then exported the mod and structures worked.

Do structures work in a test environment for you? Are there any other specifics as I am not able to replicate this bug?

Based on your report, it could be that schematic import is not working. We support the schematic file format for legacy reasons only. The best solution is to place a schematic in the world using WorldEdit or similar tool and then use structure block to export the schematic from the Minecraft in structure file.

What I'm saying is that structures works they appear in game as intendent but the problem is that they work only for Vanilla blocks but not for mod blocks instead of that they spawn Air blocks and yes I tried with Structure block, MCEdit 1 & 2 and World Edit so simply structure does not spawn Mod blocks 

OK, this is a different issue. I can see what could be causing this. I will check and try to fix this bug with the next update.

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