Ability to make a mob not collide blocks

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Issue description

In vanilla minecraft, the wither and the enderdragon can destroy the blocks in their path. However, they can't destroy a few blocks (bedrock, command block, extended piston...) and they just pass through them like if they were ghosts.

It would be cool to be able to give the ability to pass through blocks to a custom mob.

It will make boss battles harder, allow for the creation of mini-bosses that don't destroy blocks and special ghost-like monsters.

It will also pair well with flying mobs (when they will be added).

Issue comments

So the idea is to add an option to define a list of blocks that mob does not collide with?

It is about an option to make a mob not collide any block, but if we will be able to define that list it would be even better.

If the mob does not collide any block, how could it even stand on the ground? If would just fall down in the void.

But regarding collisions with the block, you should be able to do this in MCreator 1.8.1 by defining 0x0 bounding box.

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