Flying Mobs are bugy

Published by Hidan on Sun, 04/08/2018 - 22:18
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Issue description

Making flying mob gives +100 errors no matter what the setup is or if they had AI by default or custom
I hope that admins will take look on this problem soon

Issue comments

Please tell exactly what values you changed from the default values so I can reproduce the bug. If I make a mob and set it only to flying, it compiles.

I tried to make simply ghost that is simply flying mob no any special AI and turned off Default AI and got this errors even after making him as passive creature its still getting this errors I think its because its still using code from normal walking mob rather than flying one 
here is error log if you need it:

And how I have set it up:
Mob Type: Monster "also tried on different"
Behavioral Characters: Flying
Has AI: NO "same result with yes and Custom AI setup"

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