Minecraft crash when loading

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Issue description

When I'm loading Minecraft in runclient, it crashes, thr recompilation fails and I get this error: https://pastebin.com/q5Xe3T7B

I will try to export my mod into a jar file and use it in the vanilla launcher (but I think I will get the same error)

I think that there are some issues with biomes, something like biome types

I have already tried editing all the biomes (by simply pressing next and making mcreator "refresh" them)


(I will send you the workspace soon)

Issue comments

Please send the workspace asap so I can release the patch if this is a serious bug. Thanks :)

I have found the cause for this bug. Only biomes with spawning disabled had it. It is actually a Minecraft Forge bug, but I have found a working workaround. Reinstall MCreator 1.8.1 to get it fixed as usual with patch updates.

UPDATE (11. 11. 17:10 CET)

We have released another patch update. This one fixes issues #45327 and #45312 and adds minor improvement to the code locking system. If you would like to have these fixes and have downloaded MCreator 1.8.1 before this notice was posted, you can download and install MCreator again to get them. If you downloaded MCreator after the time of this notice, you don't have to do anything.

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