Unable to add textures to Workspace

Issue description

I recently decided to give MCreator a try, but I have instantly hit a roadblock: I can do nothing at all. I can try to add a block, but the program will not progress unless I give a texture, but when I go to add one, either through tools, the workspace, or the popup that appears when clicking on a box to apply a texture, nothing happens. I can import, but no texture appears in the workspace. I can create one through MCreator, and nothing happens. I can create one from scratch, and nothing happens. I tell it it's a block texture, item texture, whatever. Hit ok after naming it and that's it- nothing added to the fields at all. The wiki says this should be working, so why is it not? I searched to see if anyone else is having this issue, but it appears the primary solution was back in 1.7.6/7, and involved a preferences file that my installation does not have. I have also tried in different workspaces, but unfortunately, the situation is the same either way.

Issue comments

This is a very strange issue that was not reported for newer versions before. As I can not directly reproduce this issue, would you mind providing me a screen recording of how you make a texture and how you try to apply/add it to the block? Thanks!

Yes, we cannot import a Workspace of an old Minecraft Version. Example : 1.11.2 cannot be import to a Minecraft version 1.12.2 on MCreator.

So I just reinstalled MCreator and now adding textures is WORKING???? Ok????????????

I guess it's working for now! If it pops up again, I guess I'll try to find out what's going on?

Ok but this texture adding bug, I didn't have it, maybe you were missing files when installing MCreator and then texture adding files were not downloaded.

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