Option to define the category of a key binding

Published by Yanis48 on Thu, 11/15/2018 - 18:48
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Issue description

Currently, all the key bindings you define are in the Miscellaneous category on the Controls menu.

I think it would be nice to choose the category we want, and even add new ones.

public KeyHandler() {
	keys = new KeyBinding("key.mcreator.foobar", Keyboard.KEY_FOOBAR, "key.categories.misc");

The category is defined with the 3rd argument. You can change it to another Minecraft category, and if it doesn't exist in vanilla, it will count it as a new category.

Issue comments

	public void initElements() {
		keys = new KeyBinding("key.mcreator.spellsguikey", GLFW.GLFW_KEY_G, "key.categories.spells");

In the third argument ("key.categories.spells"), we have only to change the third part(spells, but without change, it's .misc), and after take the key.categories.categoriename, and add it like a new localization entry. it's very easy to do. Why don't you add this?

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