Different sizes of the same mob

Published by Hidan on Thu, 11/29/2018 - 11:58
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Issue description

I want to suggest adding size tags to mob creation mod element  which will allow mobs to have different sizes like slimes and phantoms

Issue comments

The whole system for this would be too complex for now, but I can add new procedure trigger on entity spawned and another procedure block set entity size which would make this possible to some extent. Does this sound good?

i think that will be more configurable and easier way to bypass that and editing 
yes that sounds good :)

I think this way it will be even better :)

It will also allow for a lot of things like mobs that become bigger when damaged or mobs that have a potion effect for a few time after spawning :D

I have done some testing and the mob can't be resized if the model does not support it, which is the case for most models and all custom models. I will implement this if I find a workaround, but for now, this is not possible.

I have added on mob spawned trigger nevertheless as it can be useful for other things too.

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