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Published by Goldorion on Sat, 12/22/2018 - 22:30
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Can you improve the generation of structures (custom trees, or structures in general), because I have a tree that it spawns on two others trees. If you don't understant, check the screenshot. I know that several people have already report this, but it was on a other version, and you have "fix" this bug.


Thank you, and good evening



P-S ; I attach also my worskpace if you want check it.

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The tree spawn on two others trees.1.27 MB 1.27 MB
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Issue comments

I import my .nbt structure, then I create my biome (ForestriaBiome (and can you add an option for give a name to biomes please ?)), and I take my custom tree for trees.

You can create a new structure and limit its spawning to grass block and this way the tree will never spawn on other locations than ground. This is the only viable way to check if the tree can be spawned on a specific location as there is no way to "know" where the trees were already spawned.

We will consider adding a similar check to the biome tree generation.

I know, but for the biomes, you don't have this option, and when you create a new structure (on the workspace), you have this option, but very often, the structure will fly, because it'll have only ine or two block of grass. Finally, when a structure spawn, it spawn also air, and destroy the block of the world, and it's not really beautiful. So can you just fix this bugs please ?

Some of these bugs are almost impossible to fix as MCreator simply places the structure on the given location.

We will add an option to limit block for trees in biomes in the future updates.

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