Spawn Particles Procedure Block do not work [Solved]

Published by DutchAT on Mon, 12/24/2018 - 17:15
Works as designed
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Issue description

I tried to change the particle, the coords and all those parameters and it simply dont work.


Note: I used it in 'Tick Event' Trigger of a block.  The procedure works, because not only spawns particles but it places a block, and the block places correctly.


Maybe its me that i dont understand how does it really works. I have this procedure:

It triggers by a Tick Event of a block. The procedure block that places the obsidian works great, but no particles appear.


The tick rate of the block is 1, and, in the client, i have the option 'Particles' to 'All'.

Issue comments

  1. You are spawning particle that has y velocity vy set to the current particle height - 4, which is ~100 around the ground and you clearly can't see that fast particle. Use default setting of vx: 0, vy: 1 and vz: 0 to make particle fly upwards.
  2. Update tick is server-side trigger, but particles are client side. Use random update event instead for particles. We will add side indicators to the procedure trigger blocks in the future updates of MCreator to make this more clear.

I knew the particles was Client-side, but i didn't know that 'Update Tick' was Server-side. Now it works, thank you!

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