Tool Damaging by Procedure Does Not Break the Tool

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Issue description

Using procedures to damage tools can't break them. This is a problem, because I am making a mod which uses a writing table, and I added an 'Ink Bottle' tool which runs down on durability as you use it. However, when it reaches 0 durability, it doesn't break, instead carrying on taking damage into the negatives. I don't know if this is explicitly an Mcreator issue, but you could still change the block to break the item if it reaches or surpasses 0. This issue means that the deal damage to item block doesn't do much, and has little purpose.

Issue comments

I can confirm this bug. I have fixed this bug so the itemstack size decreases when the item is damaged. This bug will be fixed in MCreator 1.8.2.

You will still be able to do this using set provided items damage to block as this one will not verify minimal damage.