Custom Particle Effect

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Issue description

Something that can be added is a Particle Creator or simply texture adding

Idea on how to set it?

For Particle, like to create a block or item texture, when finish creating, it open a Window to choose between Block or Item, so a 3rd one is possible for Particle, and the particle name is the texture name and it is placed in Particles Selecting, in Procedure or in Block or mob creation

Issue comments

The particle itself needs to be defined in Java, so a new mod element type particle or a new resource type particle will need to be added for this to work. It can't only be defined as a new texture. But we will consider adding this.

the particle element could have both a texture option and a movement option. although most particles, like smoke, just spawn and disappear, some particles like waterDrip and lavaDrip stick on a block and fall. some, like bubble, even disappear once reaching a certain block.

Particles are a mess in Minecraft. They involve a lot of steps that can be hard to implement at times.

  1. First, the particle must be registered (client)
  2. Then the particle's sprites must be registered (client)
  3. Then an appropriate particle type must be registered (client/server)
  4. Then the particle may be spawned, but there are some issues. Particles are rendered only by the client, so for particles to work, a custom packet must be sent containing positions to each player watching a certain position. It's not easy to implement these 4 steps in Java, and it's probably even harder in freemarker.

TL;DR particles are very hard to get working without getting errors and server-side crashes

Maybe you could use presets of particles and just import the textures kind of like how animated textures and armor textures are generated.

If you open the blocks java file in something like notepad you can change the particle effect

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