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Published by shinomora on Mon, 01/21/2019 - 03:37
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Alright so i want to make custom crafting recipes for my swords and stuff but i don't want to make them in a  normal crafting table. is there anyway a feature can be added to make larger crafting tables. like when your in the recipe maker you can choose either the standard 3x3 or a custom one you made like a 4x4 or 6x6. just a thought. then you can make a procedure that opens your custom crafting tables GUI on right click and it would function as a normal crafting table. sorry for the inconvenience



Issue comments

Alright ive taken a look at the video you have provided and as it does work my proposal above would make the precess way easier to do. I want Mcreator to be the easiest way to make mods and my proposed idea above makes this possible. So sense i cant post another issue today id lake to make my proposal more clear. So when you add an element to minecraft there should be a new element block labeled crafting or custom crafting. From there you can choose your own crafting table dimensions (within reason of course)  And then add that as an element in the workshop so it can be edited later. After words you cna go on creating a crafting table that will open that as a GUI and it will display the crafting parameter that you set in the crafting element. After that, if you want to make a custom crafting recipe in that custom GUI you can go to the recipe element and under the crafted amount button you can select the normal 3x3 crafting dimensions or you can select your own from the crafting element. For example you make a crafting element that is 3x4 Then you would go to recipe and change that to your custom 3x4 and where you would normally place the recipe in the 3x3 it would change to a 3x4 and you could place the recipe in that. I hope you take my proposal into consideration in future updates of Mcreator. Sorry for the inconvenience 



We might do something like this in the future (2.x.x and up), but for now it will remain as it is. The process is made much easier already. By giving too easy system for this we would just make users make tons of 4x4 crafting mods instead on focusing on making their own machine types and ways of merging items.

hi I know this is an old  thread but i need help with the fusion crafting grid. if  i made it give me a sword but lets say i make  more than one sword  without taking  the first sword out it  will make 2 swords and have  them stack. how do  i make it not craft anything untill i take out  the first output

Hi. i watch the fusion crafting table video and i try to make it but with 4 input and 1 output. Im playing in the latest version of mcreator. im building a mod in forge 1.14.4 and i realize that the number comparator isn't here anymore. so i can't make my fusion crafting table. help please.

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