Corupted .mcr in 1.8.2

Published by thebebist on Mon, 01/28/2019 - 16:50
Issue description

when i try to load my .mcr file in the new mcreator 1.8.2 it says the file is corupted, but when i try to load the same file in 1.8.1 it works fine.

the file was exported from 1.8.1. some of the bugs that happen when i load the .mcr is: i am unable to edit blocks and items, i am unable to add new mod elements and if i restart mcreator it gets stuck on loading workspace data.

Issue comments

The issue is that you have a ranged item with custom models and this causes MCreator to crash. This will be fixed in MCreator 1.8.2 patch update which will be released in a few hours.

UPDATE 28. 1. 2019, 20:15 CET

There were some bugs found in 1.8.2 so we decided to release a patch update. We have added some new block rotation types in the patch too. If you want this new feature or are having one of the following bugs, consider reinstalling MCreator 1.8.2:

  • [#46623] In some cases, new block UI could get broken
  • [#46631#46639] Import of workspaces with ranged items with custom bullet models failed
  • [#46631#46633] Workspace import on Unix systems did not work
  • In some cases, workspace settings dialog UI could get broken

To apply the patch (fix these bugs), uninstall MCreator 1.8.2, download it again and install it again.