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Issue description

Ok today I will try to do my best clear Feature Request!

Today I suggest you to Edit Home Screen Background and Loading Terrain Background

Also as you must know, it is possible to do it without mod elements or things Manually in files I will show you how to do!



1) First things Loading Terrain

Custom Loading Terrain

As you see I replaced the Dirt Background with Fire Stone of my mod [Mod name is Elemental Masters]

How to do?

Step 1: You need to go to C:\Pylo\MCreator182\forge\src\main\resources\assets\minecraft\textures\gui

Step 2: You need to remove/edit/replace the options_background by another Images/texture of (The Image is normally dirt)

Step 3: After Replacing the Images REMEMBER to keep the image name "options_background" or it will not work

Last Step: Open MCreator and go to testenvironment World to see if it work :D

Loading Terrain



2) Minecraft Home Screen


Cool Right?


From this panorama!


How to do?

Step 1 : Go to C:\Pylo\MCreator182\forge\src\main\resources\assets\minecraft\textures\gui\title\background

Step 2: You will see 6 Screenshot of images with their name and a kind of Bar

Step 3: The Screenshots are capturing the 6 side of the players, you need to do same for your Minecraft Home Page

Step 4: Go somewhere in your world you would like to be Home Page and take a screenshot of all side

The sides are North , East, South, West, Up, Down

The Screenshot SHOULD be named and arranged like this!

North = panorama_0

East = panorama_1

South = panorama_2

West = panorama_3

Up = panorama_4

Down = panorama_5

Step 5: Replace the old panorama_X by your new ones

Step 6: Open MCreator and test it in testenvironment world :D!


Here is an example of How I made mine!



BIG HELP: If GUI is not here in your folder C:\Pylo\MCreator182\forge\src\main\resources\assets\minecraft\textures\GUI

You can create it yourself by creating a folder "GUI"

Inside you put "options_background"

You put a folder called "Container" and one "title"

Inside title you put another folder called "background"

Issue comments

I think it's more a Tutorial than a feature requests lol

Do I might create a Tutorial forum topic and paste it there?

I suggest you to open a forum topic for this instead :) We don't plan to add this feature directly in MCreator, but this tutorial will do for most if not all users :D