Some improvements for MCreator!

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Issue description


1.More procedures
2.Adding an easy way to create a TileEntity 
3.All entity templates (in creating mob)
4. All entities in the procedure "Spawn entity at x, y, z = (Entity)"
5. Function (not command) to stop sounds!
6. "Animated" textures for armor
7.Compatibility with Armature Models
8. A simple way to grow crops (which grow according to a tick you choose)
9.Update the Site Wiki (more information)
10. A function that automatically adds a number of slots (in the GUI)
11.Correct a Bug where the GUI turns black (dark) 
12. Wiki versions in other languages (only the wiki nothing more)

Please excuse me if I quoted something that has already been fixed!
I'm not using the latest version!
Sorry about my English
Thanks to Klemen (who has answered me briefly)

Issue comments

We have most of these in plan. But please read TOS next time before posting:

Make sure to post only one feature request or bug report in each ticket, so each separate item can be tracked by our issue tracking system. Issues with multiple requests will be removed. The tracker is not a place for large lists of feature requests. Such lists belong to Feature requests and ideas for MCreator forum section and we will pick most requested features from there. 

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