Get Player's Coordinates

Published by cap174 on Tue, 02/12/2019 - 17:32
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Issue description


I have an Idea for a new procedure in MCreator - a block that will get the current location of the player. If you can add this it will be really helpful. Thank you!

Issue comments

And can you add a procedure block who get where player look, like east, west, north or south, or -x, x, -z, z, y (up), y (down) please, because it will be very helpfull for make hammer 3x3x1 for example.

To check if the player is facing N, S, W, E, you can use get players direction in degrees block.

0 when looking south. As I said this numerous times, just print the value in chat and you will be able to see how it changes :D

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