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Published by aidanete on Sun, 03/17/2019 - 21:46
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Issue description

I searched for this in the issue tracker and I didn't find anything. This idea is to allow modders to select which blocks custom plants can grow over. No matter if that block is supposed to have planted anything above.

For example, create a plant that can only grow in deserts. Select that the plant grows over "sand, red sand, podzol"

Another example, create a custom plant that grows in a custom grass block in a custom biome. If you don't want that the custom grass block grow normal plants and tall grass above it, uncheck the "can plants grow on this block?" option, then in the custom biome you can increase the plants'  generation value, then add the plant to grow over that custom grass and over that custom biome and voila! You have the biome that only grows that custom plant in it. (Sorry if I extended this a lot)

A more simple example, you can add a plant that grows over bricks and stone bricks.

This also affects where the plant is supposed to be placed. In the last example, if I rightclick on grass, it will not be placed, but if I rightclick on stone bricks it will be placed.

Thank you for your attention :D

Issue comments

Right now you can do this by overriding BlockFlower canBlockStay method and define your blocks here. We will consider adding this to MCreator in the future too.

There is no such method, you need to add it by overriding it. If you don't know what this means I suggest you to either check some Java tutorials or wait until we add this in MCreator UI.

I have checked this one a bit more and one can only properly control this by plant types.

To make only custom flowers in your biome, in 1.14.4 at least you will be able to set flowers in biome to 0 and this will disable vanilla flowers, while custom flowers can still generate.

But what is possible to do is to extend "blocks the plant can grow on" list, although this is not the complete thing you requested.

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