Mod ID Renaming

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Issue description

In 1.8.2, We had a 'Mod ID (Machine Name)' in mod creation. This is the ID of the mod. However, it is not possible to change it, even after renaming the mod. This is an issue if you:

  • A.) Have stopped making a mod and want to use the same workspace for a new one
  • B.) You messed up naming it originally: Maybe it was full of typos, or it was too long.


  • C.) You didn't understand the Mod ID and just typed something in to fill it, thinking you could change it later.

This can render some workspaces somewhat unusable (unless you don't mind having an irrelevant or mistake-riddled ID). Since you only have 5 workspace slots per update, this can be a serious problem if you run out.

Issue comments

We plan to add an option to change it, but it will come with a big red warning that it can mess the workspace as this is inevitable as the change of mod id affects literally all the files of the mod.

Regarding 5 workspaces limit, check our 2.x.x roadmap and you will see that we plan to add new workspace in folders format in the future updates.

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