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Published by fishcute on Sat, 05/11/2019 - 00:39
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So sometimes when I leave a procedure block, an error appears then I re-enter the procedure block and EVERYTHING is gone, even the start block. It happens whenever I put in a big command executing such as giving players a book. Its really annoying because I lost all of my progress. Fix this before I give up and move onto 1.8.2. I really hope you fix these bugs before you release 1.8.4

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Could you give me an example of a command you enter in a execute command block in order for this issue to happen? Thanks!

Ok sure

Just an example:

/give @p written_book 1 0 {pages:["[\"\",{\"text\":\"T\",\"color\":\"dark_red\"},{\"text\":\"h\",\"color\":\"dark_blue\"},{\"text\":\"is is a book\\nYes\",\"color\":\"dark_red\"},{\"text\":\" it is am\",\"color\":\"dark_aqua\"},{\"text\":\"azing\",\"color\":\"dark_red\"},{\"text\":\"\\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"A\",\"color\":\"green\"},{\"text\":\" BOOK\\nIt i\",\"color\":\"dark_purple\"},{\"text\":\"s a book\",\"color\":\"green\"},{\"text\":\"\\n\\nI am a book\\nBooks are books\\nwhich mean books are books are books\",\"color\":\"reset\"}]","{\"text\":\"Page ?+2\\nHi\\nExample\\nExample\\nExample\"}"],title:"Super book of bookness",author:Book,display:{Lore:["Description description Description description Description description Description description Description description Description description"]}}

I have tried your command. I made a new procedure and pasted your example in execute command block, saved it and opened it again and it still worked. I there any option to attach a workspace that has a procedure that does not work in it and tell me which procedure to check?

My suspect is that some string is not properly escaped and causes this, but it could be your case too. I need an example of a procedure that does not open so I can properly investigate, though.

It only happens rarely, but frequent enough to make me make this help thingy. It has happened to me twice. It starts by saying something went wrong and the procedure goes red then I re-enter and it is gone

fishcute, it seems that this is not actually caused by the content of the procedure but by some other event, as BadKaiPanda suggested too. Could you provide a workspace that contains corrupted procedures so I can investigate how they got corrupted? Thanks!

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