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I made a block with a custom 3d model (made with blockbench), but its textures are broken ingame.

To make it, I first made a player-like entity model, then I converted it to a block model thanks to a blockbench option, but that shouldn't really matter.

What should it look like:

how should it look like

What does it look like:

ingame look

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Issue comments

The issue is this:

 Could not load vanilla model parent 'raolcraft:custom/darkemperorstatuestill' for 'net.minecraft.client.renderer.block.model.ModelBlock@7ed3682 java.lang.IllegalStateException: vanilla model 'net.minecraft.client.renderer.block.model.ModelBlock@24136f22' can't have non-vanilla parent 

You can only use vanilla models for your model base. This is defined in this line of the model:

	"parent": "darkemperorstatue",


I see the issue. This model is two block high (or three), and Minecraft may cannot load the model. I know you make the model higher than one block. If you make the model lower than two blocks this bug will stop. Hint: try create a lower model. 

@Klemen How can I fix this? Is it related to the fact it is an entity model converted into a block model? I've just used the "To block model" blocksbench button...

Tomorrow I will check. Anyway, which is the default parent model?

@patex Are you sure? If tall hitboxes were broken I don't think they would have got added in MCreator

This issue is happening when model is higher than one block.

I discovered why the parent model is set, and that's because I converted an entity model that had a parent model...

I removed the model base using Blockbench and I will check if it will work

I have made the model smaller (Removing the top part) and it worked fine, but I Need that the model is bigger than a block and like I said, I already made models higher than one block and they work. Isn't there any way for me to make it higher?


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