Make client side triggers work on servers (GUI buttons, key bindings, ...)

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Issue description

Created a basic fusion table using the tutorial video as a template and it has been discovered that button inputs only work client side and do not function in MP/on servers

Issue comments

This is more of a feature request as the trigger is marked client-side only (monitor icon next to the trigger name). We will try to make client-side events server side using custom packets in the future updates.

Key bindings and GUI related triggers will now work on server-side too using packets. This feature will be added in 1.9.1. I am closing this ticket now.

The next update is going to be awesome :D

Thanks! Check the changelog, there are some other surprises as well ;)

Wait, will we be able to create custom mob animations? :D

Not custom in a true custom sense yet, but select quite a lot of animation types for the parts.

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