Fluid Storage

Published by DKMK100 on Sun, 06/30/2019 - 13:50
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Issue description

Similar to the way that tile entities can store inventories it would be cool if we could add fluid storage I don't know how it works but I know it comes with forge for an example look at the mod ceramics or literally any popular tech mod or tinkers construct you get the idea

Issue comments

Fluid storage can be implemented already by checking blocks (for fluid) and NBT tags of blocks to store fluid levels in the blocks.

I know but it's not comparable with the other systems. Ceramics can store tinkers construct fluids only to have it extracted by thermal dynamics pipes it's not good fluid storage so why'd you close the issue ITS STILL NOT FIXED!!!

There is no common API for fluids in Forge as far as I know. There is only FE system and we do plan to implement this.

so it is perfectly possible to make fluid storage and it will be compatable with other fluid storage mods, similar to how FE is compatable with other FE mods and with RF mods (RF actually inspired FE)

Cool, thanks for the info. I totally forgot about this one. I will merge this ticket with FE energy as both have a similar implementation.

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