"Get level of (effect) applied to entity" procedure block

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Issue description

A procedure block that gets the level of a status effect can be useful to make custom potions act differently based on their level (like vanilla ones) or simply to check how much levels of a specific effect is the player affected by.

Issue comments

You have a dependency called amplifier in custom potion procedures that reflects the power/levelĀ of the potion. You can use this dependency to get the level of the potion.

To use this dependency, use Number dependency from Advanced tab and enterĀ amplifier in the dependencyName box.

Thank you, I didn't know this :D

Can I also get the amplifier of a vanilla effect and what are the other uses of this block?

You can't get amplifier of vanilla effect.

You can use this block to access any dependencies provided by triggers you can't access directly. You could use it to access say x coordinate by typing x in it, but x is already a standalone block. When selecting procedure for a trigger, you can see the list of dependencies and you can access all of them using these blocks.

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