Bug with monster mobs spawning

Published by ERDZe on Mon, 07/22/2019 - 00:33
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Issue description

Hello! A bug from the past is back... I do not know how I got rid of him then but his cause I have not revealed.
Here's what... mobs in some work as it should, to be precise - spawn correctly. But then they get smaller and smaller until they stop spawning. To be more precise they are a couple of groups to spawn near the portal to the world where they live, but more can not find them. I have already written about this bug but the solution has not been found.
The mobs themselves are monsters, the world in which to spawn - day, but before they spawn, this did not prevent, normal animals will always spawn as it should, but if you change a monster on the animal, too, is changing as much as nothing. The difficulty is normal, tried to change - nothing. Cleaning the computer , nothing. Changed settings spawn - nothing. Deleted and created again - nothing + related mods give errors. There's only one biome in the world. Twisted settings and a biome and measurements - there is nothing, especially I changed nothing before and everything was normal. As a result, the bug was corrected in some unclear way, or I did something that I do not know, or something reconfigured itself. I don't know, but I can't fix this right now.

bug was in 1.8.1 - https://mcreator.net/tracker/issue/45570 (the bug has the same features written before but not voiced here)

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Issue comments

I read a lot of material on spawn in Minecraft, got acquainted with other issues, and tried to twist the parameters of spawn as soon as possible, but nothing changes, or mobs do not spawn at all, or they spawn hundreds per second. Tried to recreate the dimension again, but also nothing works. I only noticed one peculiarity - the whole biome initially consists of a "farmland", which soon turns into a normal block, and only after a long time, only that on a normal block of farmland starts to spawn mobs, but alone in a hundred percent of the time, even though the settings specify that a maximum of 30 and minimum of 1. I tried to change the farmland to a normal block in the settings of the biome, but the result was not. Twist the minimum number and the maximum I also tried, the result is the same - it is absent. But even this does not matter because before everything worked as it should and the blocks of the biome, the number has not changed since then, they just stopped spawning at one point - that's all.
Perhaps more interesting is the fact that spawnie in large quantities only when they start off despawned. I tried to play with the lighting - also no. With types of mobs - also no.
I have a suspicion that the error is in despawn, because the mobs also are generated by the units in special generations under the ground (in small quantities), and when mobs have ceased to spawn - they have ceased to spawn in generations despite the fact that they were spawnie procedure, so it is obvious that they have despawning. I don't know what else to try. All the posts and links that you wrote me I reread a few times, this thing is connected exclusively with the user's biome in the user dimension.

I will try to check combination custom dimension and biome once again to see what is happening. Just another question, do you have any custom procedures on your mobs?


Yes, on one of the mobs that not spawn - When Mob Falls, When Mob Dies, On Mob Tick Update (the most recently added / edited). (Monster)
At the other monster mob that does not spawn also - no procedures

On mobs that continue to spawn correctly - When Mob Dies (Creature)

What are the configuration differences between mobs that spawn and the ones that don't then? Thank you for your info.

Mobs that do NOT spawn are mobs at "behavioural characteristics" that is, they can deal damage to mobs and other players, they have the standard model of Steve, some of these mobs attacking the player immediately, some not attacking, but hostile to other mobs in the parameters AI. The type of spawn I tried to change, but the difference was small. Initially, they always were monsters on the type of spawn because the animals spawns a little in other places. Number of in one group, too, changed but initially was 1 - 4. Spawn probability changed a bunch of times, but some patterns are not revealed, was originally 25, those who spawn less - 10. Settings to spawn in ONLY one custom biome, which generates in another dimension (in a normal world, this biome is not generated)
Mobs which SPAWN, on the "behavioral characteristics" - creature. Never attack, and mostly run away under attack. Some of the mobs they run away before be attacked. Have a custom model. You can ride them. Can be breeded. Spawn probability from the start was 10. In one group could be from 3 until 15 mobs. Spawn type - creature. Spawn as the last mobs ONLY in one biome. Also like the monsters, the creatures can spawn in the dungeon.

The fact of the matter is, they spawn in my biomes calmly, the more the level of lighting in my biome is 0 units, although the biome is sufficiently illuminated. And why are they disabling despawns to spawn in huge amounts, but the lighting won't let them. Mobs will only spawn with a light level below 7 units. About changing the time of day. Teams to change the time of day in my dimension work, moreover, at one point the color of the sky at a certain angle changes (sunset, sunrise). Can't it be that all this time they spawned in good light because of the bug?

It could be this, yes. We will add more light control for the dimension after we close/complete the linked ticket.

That's what happens. At the moment the only option to fix this "bug" is to make the dimension dark, or make mobs creature?

Most likely yes. We plan to fix the linked issue asap. You might want to ask on forums too as on forums other users that might have their own solutions for this could help you.

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