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Published by Memeseus on Tue, 03/12/2019 - 02:44
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Issue description

In custom dimensions, all we see when we look up is a solid color of our choosing, but no sun, moon, clouds, and a static state of time. I don't know if these are supported by the forge, but I'd like to see a few changes like:

I'm sure some of this may not be possible, but for the parts that are, I would be grateful if they were considered.

  • Customizable sun and moon textures for specific dimensions (I've seen this done outside of MCreator a few times)
  • Clouds for custom dimensions
  • Custom rain/snow textures for custom biomes, and or dimensions
  • Custom night sky texture for custom dimensions

Issue comments

Feature request lists are not allowed on this tracker. We will consider adding some of these features, but all of them are out of the scope of MCreator at the moment.

It's a list yes but is that still against the Term of use if all are about the "Same" one thing which is Dimension sky

It was a list with more requests that were out of scope and not related to dimensions so this ticket got moderated to fit in a common category.

About Custom Night sky, I know that Betweenlands has a skydome with a rift in the middle so you can see the normal sky and custom skybox around that part



Especially in the context of a project, a very large project with a large group of people.......

please, please just add stairs and slabs. I really want to make building materials, in fact the mod I have been working on for months needs it, and I've thought about adding in my own models but then I realized that doing this would not be possible due to the awkward dimensions and the other models, like corner and up and down slabs, please add these, I know they existed at one point but I have no idea why they were removed.

We do plan them, but there are quite a few complications since the new JSON model system was introduced, this is the main reason we removed TX block in the first place too. And this does not belong under this ticket.

I still need overworld illumination system. Mods like Twilight Forest have that system :/

Yeah Klemen. Time have come. It would be great to have this in one of next upcoming updates.

Dont take this as feature list but as concept:

1.9: Potion and fullscreen update

1.9.1: Better mobs update

1.9.2: Better sounds update (stop sounds when the variable change or you walk outside of biome)

1.9.3: Dimension Update



The time have come.

I don't know, I think that some of those features could fit under the same update. Mcreator updates aren't exactly 'themed' in this way; issues that need fixing just get fixed as soon as possible.

When you use this custom code make sure to set the dimension to 'dark dimension' before and then lock the code and edit it.

This is needed because caves won't be dark and the ground will remain bright during nighttime if this setting isn't changed first

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