Overworld Illumination in Custom Dimension

Published by aidanete on Mon, 03/18/2019 - 22:37
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Issue description

Actually, in MCreator, there are 2 ways of custom dimension illumination.

- Totally light, even when you're on a cave

- Totally dark, even at the surface.

My idea is to create an option to have the same illumination system that we have in the overworld in custom dimensions. I need this :)

Where the sky makes surface light, but the caves are dark.

Issue comments

I will check what can be done on this and we might add this if possible.

Will it be possible to have overworld lighting but no day/night cycle without procedures?

How would that work? Overworld lightning is conditioned with the time of the day so without day/night cycle the light level can not really be determined.

One way would be to fix the time to a specific time point, I will consider adding this.

Doesn't the Nether have some illumination by default?

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